Prince Harry Pens A Birthday Letter For A Fellow Soldier’s Young Daughter


Except for a few indiscretions here and there, Prince Harry of Wales has proven himself to be a pretty good guy. As you may know, Harry has served a few tours in Afghanistan and, as a result, he has made friends with his fellow soldiers. Apparently, one of Harry’s solider friends asked him to write a letter to his daughter for her birthday and Harry obliged. The letter, as you can imagine, ended up on Twitter for all to read. Click below to see Harry’s birthday wish for his friend’s daughter’s birthday.

Naturally we cannot be 100% completely certain that the letter is authentic but the writing does look genuine when compared to other letters that have been authentically written by Harry. Based on what we know about Good Guy Harry, I have no doubt that this letter is genuinely from him … and it will make an amazing keepsake for this very lucky little girl :D


  • nicole

    aww thats sweet!

  • ck1

    Nice penmanship!

  • Dezden