A Friend, Indeed


After a bit of running around yesterday, I met up with Steph and Alek to hang out for a bit and grab dinner. Unprompted by me AT ALL, Alek suggested that we drive out to Burbank to have dinner at the Outback Steak House. I was so dumbstruck by the suggestion from someone else to go to the Outback that I thought I was dreaming … but, thankfully, it wasn’t a dream. We hopped into my car and headed out for a delicious dinner together :D

I mean … I can’t even … dinner was superb, duh. My long day of errand running was tedious but necessary so it was nice to unwind with friends at the end of the night. Tonight, I’m planning on having dinner with my friends David Russell and Josh Rosebrook so it should be another fun night out.

No big news on the personal front. I have a mound of laundry to get to so that’ll occupy my afternoon. I’m just trying to relax as much as possible before I fly out to Florida on Thursday. I’m really looking forward to the warmer weather but … I’m not looking forward to leaving my newly redecorated and entirely comfortable home. It’ll be a fun trip tho. 2 more days!

Happy Tuesday!!

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  • mandylala

    OMG! My mouth is watering. Their fries are freakin amazing!!

    • @mandylala — I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWW :)

  • dan

    Are you headed to Orlando? Cause it has been warm here. Crazy warm today.

  • Laura

    My fiancĂ© really doesn’t like Outback at all, and this makes me so sad. And every time I come here I always get a craving. A trip might be necessary soon.

  • Jodi

    Acutually Trent, you dined at the ‘Outba”!!

    • @Jodi — hahaha, yes ;)

  • MJ

    As I sit here eating my healthy salad (bah!), and I can think is…OMG, Food porn! ;)