Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Power,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


Aaaaaand we’re back! Last night we got our first episode of Revenge after a long winter break and I gotta say, it felt good to be home again. The other day we got to read an interview that Revenge creator Mike Kelley did with TV Line, and he promised us more answers concerning The Initiative and more revenge for ‘Emily.’ Last night,  that’s exactly what we got. Click inside for our first recap of the new year!

Didn’t it just feel good to see Victoria again? OMG, her face never gets old! I really missed her more than I realized… it was awkward. She’s like this crazy, bitchy aunt that I’m always kinda happy to see… even if I’m scared to sit on her damn couch, lol. Anyway, this episode brought us more of The Initiative via that woman (Helen Crowley) who is seriously starting to scare the crap out of me. In this episode she cornered Daniel and Aiden, and none of it was good. I still don’t know what it is, exactly, that she’s trying to get Daniel to discover about Grayson Global– but I’m wondering if it has something to do with the David Clarke situation.

The bar story that we were all kind of over many episodes ago is getting more and more complicated. I cannot believe we are dealing with drug ish on Revenge! Honestly? I still wish they could figure out a way to tie it all into ‘Emily’s drama because it does feel like a very isolated story. And I really, really cannot stand those two brothers. They are the absolute worst! We also saw Jack and ‘Amanda’ making wedding plans– I’m definitely looking forward to that wedding NOT popping off, lol! Every scene with those two is so off because it’s FAUXmanda! And I still wanna scream that at my poor, sweet Jack… but I guess I’ll have to wait ’til he calls me from jail, lol.

Okay, so now Victoria and ‘Emily’ are teaming up, each with their own grimey little intentions. But Daniel is at the center of their arrangement, and I just knooow this is gonna get messy. ‘Emily’ may claim that she can separate love from revenge, but we already know she has trouble doing that.

In the beginning of the episode we saw her training with Aiden, which is apparently as hot at looks, because shortly thereafter they decided to get it on and poppin’, lol. And by the end of the episode… well, we’ll get to that ish in a minute. Let the countdown begin!

Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge, Season 2, Episode 10: Power

1. Faking Up Is Hard To Do

Agh! I missed Nolan and his amazing quotables! Once Victoria met with ‘Emily’ and talked her into “helping” Daniel get back on track, ‘Emily’ and Aiden staged a break-up, brilliantly dubbed the ‘fake-up’ by Nolan. This was another one of those moments where the love of my life turned to me and said Emily gotta keep him [Nolan] informed! LMAO! He was so mad that Nolan wasn’t in on the fake-up and I kinda felt the same. Our poor Nolan is always gettin’ done dirty but he’s gonna have his day!

Quote It: Bros before hoes only works if he’s not still in love with the hoe, bro. (Nolan to Aiden)

What a lovely view of my beach house. (‘Emily’)
I hardly noticed! (Victoria)

2. Aiden Is Gonna Kill Someone (Again) Over His Sister

Oh shizz. Are we about to meet THE Colleen? When Aiden ended up in that meeting with scary Initiative woman, she revealed to him that Colleen is still alive. Now we’ve seen how cray-cray Aiden gets over his sister, so this could actually be an interesting storyline. He can’t tell ‘Emily’ about what’s going on (Helen warned him against telling anyone), and we know that he’d pretty much do anything to get his sister back. And the fact that The Initiative kept her alive for the sole purpose of getting Aiden to work with them is pretty scary. Something tells me these kind of details will further complicate ‘Emily’s pursuit for revenge.

Quote It: You’re in the deep end now Mr. Mathis. I hope you know how to swim. (scary Initiative Woman AKA Helen Crowley)

3. We Finally Get Another Awesome Public Confession Over The David Clarke Trial

This scene kinda felt like a Scandal moment! I really, really didn’t think that ‘Emily’ was going to get the Judge’s wife (Patricia Barnes) to read that letter. It just feels like she’s always got some plan to make someone confess and they weasel their way out of it. So I was so relieved when Patricia read the letter (which proved that a lot of shady ish went down in the David Clarke trial), took off that suit jacket and kept it real. That moment was also great because she put her husband in a position where he couldn’t really fight back. When you think about it, he could have really dragged her ass off the stage to keep her from talking! But one thing I like about Revenge is that all the characters who represent the upper class can NEVER show out in public! LOL, it’s so hilarious… but no matter how ill things have gotten between folks like Victoria and Conrad, they are always so aware of their public image; it’s crazy.

Quote It: The greater the power, the greater the potential for abuse. (Patricia)

4. Emily Busts Out That Good Ol’ Red Marker

I don’t know why this moment made me feel so good, but it did! You know what it is? There’s nothing like the first season of a good show. It’s like a really impressive debut album– it’s so damn good… the sophomore effort is almost guaranteed to be a bit of a disappointment, lol. I don’t think I’ll ever be as obsessed with Revenge as I was when I started watching the first season on Netflix– at the recommendation of many of you PITNBRS. But when I saw ‘Emily’ bust out that red marker and X out the Judge’s face, I felt like I was in my safe, happy, Revenge-y place again. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of that marker as the rest of the season unfolds. Take ‘em down, ‘Emily’! Take ‘em down.

5. Aiden Is Gonna Kill Someone (Again) Over His ‘Emily’

Oh boy. Ohhhh. Boy. Okay, let’s put the Revenge-y stuff aside for a second. Didn’t ‘Emily’ and Aiden just get back together? Um, yes. Yes they did. And I was there; taking screen shots of every moment. This is NOT how you start out a new relationship, boo-boos! You don’t start by coming up with a scheme that sorta, kinda involves ‘Emily’ making up/faking up with her ex! OMG. Aiden is gonna cut someone, lmao! We saw what he did to the white-haired man; he doesn’t play when it comes to ‘Emily’ so yeah. I don’t know if Daniel’s gonna make it through this season! Hell, I don’t know if ‘Emily’ will either! I bet Aiden noticed that she sure didn’t seem to mind kissing Danny-boy on the porch after he asked her for some help with the business. Talkin’ about some damn philanthropy! “Philanthropy” is the new “va-jay-jay” y’all. Quote It!

*Bonus Oh Hell Nawl Moment*
Marco Is Trying Too Damn Hard/Where The Hell Was Padma?!

Marco was getting on my damn nerves, tryna make up with Nolan in every other scene. Y’all are DUNZO Marco! Don’t be rolling up on him with do-over sushi Thanksgiving dinners! There are no do-overs, lmao!

No, but seriously. Where was Padma??? And what did y’all think of the episode?!?!


  • Whit


    I love your recaps of both Scandal and Revenge. I think while Aiden may get jealous of the reunion of Eamanda and Daniel, his involvement with the initiative will certainly keep him busy and probably lead to end of his relationship with Eamanda for good! Which is fine by me, I’ve never liked him and ever since Eamanda showed him her secret box, I’ve had a gut feeling he was going to screw her over.

    • Shannon

      Whit, ‘Eamanda’ FTW!!! I love it! And I hadn’t thought about Aiden and ‘Emily’ possibly breaking up over whatever’s about to go down– totally possible.

      And I’m so glad you’re still diggin’ the recaps. See you Thursday for ‘Scandal’!

  • ceebee

    I couldn’t agree more on the Jack/Declan/”Amanda”/Carl Jr story line. What a bunch of snoozers! It just doesn’t seem to interconnect anywhere anymore. And I still feel – even after season 1, “Emily” does have some feelings for Daniel, no matter the deal “Emily” makes with Victoria. And no Ashley, yay!

    • Shannon

      ceebee, I def agree that ‘Emily’ still has feelings for Daniel. Personally, I liked Ashley and thought she could have been fun… if they could have figured out something interesting to do with her, lol.

    • ceebee

      The background females on Revenge seems to be thrust into story lines that obscure the narrative for an ep before they disappear again, re: “Amanda”, Ashley and Charlotte. Let’s be honest, the power couple are “Emily” and Victoria, the other ladies just don’t compete, nor do they really need to. I roll my eyes when “Amanda”, Emily or Charlotte are on screen – there generally isn’t any value added. I feel the absolute same as Declan. Argh, that kid!

    • Shannon

      ceebee, ugh… I hear you. There’s definitely a “filler” quality to those characters. But it’s sad because ar one point they all had cool roles. I liked when we first got introduced to all their characters but something has def been lost along the way.

  • nicole

    i see some ish going down with Aiden the rest of the season..that man is gonna snaaap. between having to watch Emily with Daniel..and the Initiative. i have a feeling The Initiative wants Aiden to take out Daniel.
    im not sure how i feel about the brothers & the bar, it could be interesting, it just doesnt seem like they’re handling it well. hopefully that changes now that Jacks in jail.

    for me though..that whole “bros before hoes” line won the night. i LOVE Nolan. and um..Padma needs to come put Marco in check.

    • Shannon

      nicole, mmmhhh… I love this theory! I mean, I hate the idea of Aiden having to take out Daniel, but boy that would make for a great plot turn (esp with ‘Emily’ in the middle). ‘Padma needs to come put Marco in check.’ LMAO! I KNOW right?

    • nicole

      i’m pretty Padma isn’t one to mess around with. something tells me she has a – i’ll break your neck if you touch my man – side. but then…this is Revenge..and for all we know, Marco & Padma are an item.. related..hell maybe both. you just never know with this show.

  • Liz

    As soon as I heard Nolan said “fake -up”, I knew you are going to quote it! Anyway, is it bad that I am so over Jack and Amanda, not just the fact those 2 are together, but the characters themselves. Getting very boring.

    • Shannon

      Liz, you’re so right about those two! There’s no passion between them and I get that that’s sort of the point– we know they can never really be in love because they still have this HUGE lie between them, but yeah. It’s def getting boring (and it shouldn’t be, because we’ve seen them both play at really intense levels).

  • Shivers

    Am I the only person in the world who is pro-Aiden? It seems that way, especially when even Emily can hardly hide the fact that she’s just not that into him. I really don’t think he ever intended to screw Emily over! I think he really loves her but his ultimate decision will have to be once again taking a risk for Colleen by breaking Emily’s hard earned trust. His character is one of my favorites and I’m genuinely excited to see how this new twist plays out.

    I’m SO over the bar storyline with Jack. The only part that I find slightly intriguing about that storyline is that the one brother seems to be feeling a little guilty about the whole thing.

    I was never a fan of Daniel/Emily, and Daniel was starting to show his true Grayson colors with the company takeover, but his comment about the charitable aspects of GG makes me feel like there’s still a little non-Grayson heart left in him! Though I imagine once he gets word of Emily and Victoria’s deal, he wont be so smitten with Ems anymore….if the Initiative doesn’t get to him first!

    Loving Nolan’s quips as always! And missing Ashley, glad to see she’ll be back next week! Keep the recaps coming Shannon, I find myself looking forward to your take on the episode while I’m watching it!!!

    • Shannon

      Shivers, thanks for commenting. Okay, here’s my thing with Aiden– I DO like him, and while I can entertain the theory that he’s up to something, I think his intentions are probably good. But it’s tricky because– like you said– we sometimes see a little non-Grayson in Daniel and I love that!

      You missed Ashley too, lol? I know her storylines haven’t been popping off but I just love seeing her face :) Glad you’re enjoying the recaps!

  • Thomas

    I loved this episode. It felt very S1 to me, which was fantastic. I’ve enjoyed S2 very much but loved love love this episode!!

    While I was watching, I wrote down impressions. Here they are:
    – LOVE Victoria and Emily teaming up – even as they both are plotting ‘against’ each other
    – “Who can say no to Victoria” – Emily (for some reason that quote reminded me of something from S1, mostly when the story was focused on the Graysons & Emily)
    – The ‘croc’ is back (aka the look Emily gives at the end of a scene, usually before commercials; apparently on set they call it the ‘croc’ because Ems looks like a crocodile haha!)
    – Nolan’s bros before hoes and Remington Steele comments were HILARIOUS.
    – This conversation over the meal with the Judge reminds me so much of the dinners in S1
    – Nice to see Amanda and Emily working together again
    – I also really enjoyed seeing the benefit dinner – I missed all the parties from S1, as well as the big reveal at the benefit. Like you Shannon, I loved that Patricia got to read her letter; it was a nice change from the weaselling out that usually happens
    – The RED SHARPIE! is back!!! WHOO!
    – I LOVE Daniel and Emily and am glad to see their kiss!

    I wanna use the term ‘fake-up’ in real life. I also wanna use the term ‘Revenge-y happy place’ in real life.

    I also wrote down all the quotes that you had picked out too Shannon.

    I’m so excited for next week – I missed Ashley this episode; I really feel like we’re getting somewhere with her character. I’d like to see her as friends with Ems again. That is how Emily got to be in the Hamptons, it would be good to see more of their back story too.

    Aiden is so gonna crack. I can’t wait. Ish will get real then.

    Also, I’m intrigued by the bar storyline, only because I know that it’ll probably lead somehow to the dead body in the sunken Amanda that is coming up in February, I presume.

    Padma, get over her and put your man’s ex in his place haha!

    Can’t wait until next week!

    • Shannon

      Thomas, thanks for this! I love your fave moments and I’d never heard of the ‘croc’– that’s hilarious! You gotta share these again next week, lol :)

    • Joan

      Woah! Someone actually MISSED Ashley… ;)

  • Hampton

    And Does Victoria live in a Francis Fleetwood designed house in Sagaponack. And why wasn’t she nominated for an Emmy…While you are pondering these thoughts I am going to the Corner Bar in Sag Harbor for a burger.

  • Natalea

    When Patricia took off her jacket, revealing her bruises to the world, I stood up and was like “You go girl!” In yo face, gnasty old judge!!

    Yes, let’s pen a letter to the Revenge writing team and get the skeezy brothers off the show. Emily and Nolan need to get involved and END THEM.

    • Shannon

      Natalea, lmao! That judge was pretty gnasty. And yeah, every time I think about those brothers I just cringe. OVER them!

  • Joan

    I agree with Thomas. This episode had a Season 1 feel to it. I think it was my favorite from Season 2 so far. Very powerful episode.

    The only thing I like more about Season 2 than I did in Season 1 is Nolan Ross. I mean, I liked him on Season 1, of course, but now I’m just obsess! I look forward to every single line than comes out of his mouth. He is a huge part of the reason why I’m still invested on this show.

    Unlike some people, I actually like Aiden. He has grown on me. Do I think he is going to betray Emily at some point? Hm, I don’t know, nothing is black and white on this show. Emily included. Aiden has his his own revenge to sort out… I wouldn’t feel good about blaming him if it ever came to choosing between Emily and his sister (whose name I hate). Even if he did, I think he’d have a plan… because he is resourceful like that and because I think he genuinely loves and cares for Emily.

    The thing I resent the most about Season 2 is what they have done to Jack’s character. I used to love him. I was invested on him. I cried like a baby for the death of doggie Sam, for heaven’s sake! Now, I could care less about his story line: bar, brother, boat, Fauxmanda, you name it. I don’t care that he being lied to or being taken advantage of. Time to grow a pair, Jack.

    • Shannon

      Joan, I’m with you on Jack. There was a point where I was legit conflicted about whether or not Jack was THE one for ‘Emily,’ and we don’t have that anymore. As the wedding approaches, it’s gonna be interesting to see if the writers switch things up a bit– I can’t imagine them walking down the aisle without conflict.