Happy 1st Birthday, Blue Ivy!


7. Artsy black & white pictures with Jay-Z have also been scientifically proven to make the world a better place. Good job, Blue:


8. This song, which is Blue Ivy’s first song… because she has a first song, making her the youngest human being in the universe to chart a Billboard Music Chart! Oh, and we won’t talk about the fact that “Glory” is MY son’s middle name, lol. Thanks for the shouts-out Blue!


9. Blue, you practically shut down the blogospheres when you made your first super-official public debut. Debates raged throughout the land as we all commented on the cuteness of your face, and the epic-ness of your Mom’s hair.


10. No, but seriously. Look at Beyoncé’s face. Blue Ivy changes LIIIIIIIVES! And she wasn’t even here yet!


11. We don’t get to see your face often, but that’s okay. Just like all baby feet, your baby feet are the cutest baby feet ever!


12. Um Yeah. Pretty much. Death by adorability, for all:


Happy Birthday Blue Ivy! We can’t wait to watch you take this world by storm! And we plan to, lovingly, stalk you all the way.

Hope you don’t mind :)

  • Megan

    It says Trent posted this but I have a feeling this is Shannon’s work :)

    • ClaireMichelle

      I was thinking the same thing! ;)

    • Shannon

      Oh, yeah! Trent had the idea and I went into his post to write it. Lemme see if I can change it, lol. Glad y’all can recognize my work, haha :)

  • ceebee

    Best celeb child post, ever!

    • Shannon

      ceebee, haha! Thanks; had to give Blue her due, lol :)

  • nicole

    i cant believe shes a year old already. crazy. the pic of Jay holding Blue will always be my favourite. i need to see more daddy/daughter pics!

    • Shannon

      nicole, ‘i need to see more daddy/daughter pics!’ I KNOW, right?! I love that they keep her to themselves… and I also can’t wait ’til we see another pic with her and papa Jay.

  • YoursTruly

    ~Thank you Shannon! Happy Birthday Blue! :-)

    • Shannon

      YoursTruly, thank YOU!