Emma Stone And Seth MacFarlane Will Announce The 2013 Oscar Nominations On Thursday


So, I basically have four days to see every movie Trent saw last year… lmao! Y’all! I’m really excited to hear the Oscar nominations!!! The Golden Globes are just around the corner, and although there were some disappointments with their noms, it’s still gonna be a fun event (methinks we have Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to thank for that). And now, for the first time, actors and fans will know before the Golden Globes air who is and isn’t nominated for an Academy Award. And this year Emma Stone and Oscar ceremony host Seth MacFarlane are announcing! Click inside to learn more!

Hitfix has the report:

I’m not aware of this news breaking in any other format, so I guess it fell to Seth MacFarlane’s Twitter feed to announce that he and Emma Stone will be announcing the nominations for the 84th Academy Awards at 5am PST on Thursday.

This marks a break from tradition in a few ways. As long I’ve been watching the Oscars, it has been the president of the Academy who has delivered the crack-of-dawn news, joined by a former Oscar winner or nominee. (Recently, Jennifer Lawrence, Mo’Nique, Anne Hathaway and Forest Whitaker have all had the bleary-eyed pleasure.)

But MacFarlane’s tweet suggests recently elected AMPAS chief Hawk Koch won’t be joining them, while the entire roster of post Oscar nominees have been allowed their beauty sleep: as much as I prefer to remember that Emma Stone won Best Actress two years ago for “Easy A,” her day has yet to arrive. Still, it’s clear the 24-year-old dynamo is in the Academy’s good books. Perhaps this is her reward for being Most Valued Presenter at last year’s ceremony?

Meanwhile, the Academy’s clearly getting maximum value out of MacFarlane — who will, of course, also be presenting the ceremony itself next month. Between him and Stone, I guess we can expect a livelier nominee announcement than the usual brisk roll-call of names…

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Yeah, I’m psyched. I mean, I might have to get up craaZZZyyyy early  to hear this one. Emma and Seth are gonna be hilarious… even at 5 am.

What do y’all think of the news? Are you excited for the big announcement this Thursday?



  • MJ

    Shannon, super excited for the Oscar nominations. A friend and I love the rush to watch all the Best Picture nominees in time for the show. Also, one great thing about being on the East Coast, 8am for us! :)

    • Shannon

      MJ, LOL! You just saved my life! I was def gonna be up at 5 am like ‘Wait. Whaaaaat?!’ LMAO. Thanks for this, and yeah. It’s gonna be exciting!

    • MJ

      I’m glad ’cause getting up that early to wait 3 more hours? Oy!

  • Joan

    I’m rooting for my J-Law! *seal claps*

  • Brenna

    I love Seth MacFarlane and I think that Emma Stone is really interesting and fun so I think it’ll be a blast. Here’s a dumb question, though… what channel is it on?

    • Shannon

      Brenna, I’m just seeing this comment! It will be on ABC, and we’ll post the nominations here shortly after :)