All Caught Up


After my big race on Saturday night, I found myself a bit wiped out the following day. Because the race was so late at night, I didn’t get as much recuperation time afterward as usual and, well, Sunday was mostly a lazy day for me. Believe me, I am not complaining at all because I was able to watch the entire third season of Downton Abbey. I know, I know … I cheated but … well, I simply couldn’t help myself.

I managed to get a hold of the entire third season of Downton Abbey and I thought I’d have the strength to watch an episode or two and leave the rest for later. Clearly, it wasn’t that easy. I was a bit worried that all the chatter on Twitter might spoil the show for me and since the season ended months ago in the UK, well, I just didn’t want to get spoiled so … I cheated. I will not say a single word about the season so as not to spoil for anyone else. I think fans of the show will be pleased with the new season because a LOT of stuff happens. I mean it … a LOT. I watched all 8 eps last night and finished up with the Xmas special this morning (and OMG, the Xmas Special eps are THE best). Now I can’t be spoiled :)

I did get out of the house last night to have dinner with my friends Gillian and Tim. We went to Casa Vega in Studio City and had a fantastic time. Today, I have to take my car in for a check-up and oil change and I have to start preparing for my trip to Florida this coming weekend. Happy Monday, Happy New Week :D

  • Chad

    I also got my hands on all of Series 3 and watched the entire thing! Love Downton! Thought this season was great… lots of exciting happenings!

  • Megan

    AAAHHHH I just want to write about everything that happened in Season 3 but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone :(

  • Adriana

    how does one get their hands on the 3 season?!?!