Willy Cartier, Frank Ocean’s Rumored Boyfriend, Is Unnecessarily Hot


Folks. It’s 2013! And we’re taking this hot-guy-of-the-week thing to a whole ‘nother level. Enter Willy Cartier. We first met this ridiculously hot guy when Frank Ocean shared a photo of the two together, and rumors started flying about that the two were dating. It’s still a rumor, but I’ve seen enough pics to decide for myself that they are totally boo’d up. Which is awkward. Because I’m in love with Frank Ocean. So yeah, technically, Willy and I are beefing right now, but it’s fine! It’s fine. He can still be our hot guy because, honestly? I haven’t been able to get his face/hair out of mind, lol. Join me inside and get to know This Week’s Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently!

So before we get to Willy Cartier we need to talk about the origins of his hotness. Like most hot people, he get it from his mama! Willy posted these to his Tumblr, so you can try to make sense of his situation:

Willy’s Mama, Léa Cartier

Willy’s Mama, Léa Cartier with friggen Leonardo di Caprio, ’cause that’s how she rolled:

Yeah. There’s that. Willy seriously inherited some good genes… and… well, I kinda like that he looks like a chic sometime (see the gallery). Judge me if you will! But yeah. He’s such a French model; long hair don’t care. And the androgyny thing is sorta kinda doin’ it for me, lol! This picture is the definition of ‘unnecessarily hot.’ Like, even he can’t take how hot he is, lmao:

Oh, and then there’s part where he’s got that whole racial ambiguity thing going on. Which means he can pose as a Native American, when necessary.

According to his Twitter Willy’s originally from Vietnam, Senegal & France, and now lives in Paris. That information alone is hot.

Willy doesn’t have a Wiki page so we don’t know tons about him, but really. What more do you need to know? He’s got excellent taste in men, and sometimes his tweets are like little poems; like he tweets in haiku, lmao! He absolutely sounds like a tragic lover. It’s adorable. And hot.

That one kinda made me think of Frank Ocean’s Swim Good track. Yeah, these two are definitely gettin’ it on and poppin’. And Willy’s so hot, I can’t even hate. Well, I can. And I do. But today we celebrate only his hotness! Peep the gallery for more!


  • t*

    “Ridiculously hot” is not what I would use for this guy. Is it me but I don’t think he’s cute at all?! His mother is beautiful and he’s okay.

    • Shannon

      t* to each his/her own! I can see how Willy wouldn’t work for everyone, but he’s doin’ it for me. And for Samantha, apparently, lol.

      But we are in agreement about his mother– she’s gorgeous.

  • Samantha Powell-Jones

    Thank you for introducing me to another man that I cannot have. I really mean it…thank you. lol

    • Shannon

      Samantha Powell-Jones, LMAO. You’re quite welcome :) I never said you could have him– but you can still get your look on, lol.

    • Samantha Powell-Jones

      Wow! My whole name posted, well damn…I didn’t even notice.

  • w0lf

    He’s dating a fellow dance student named Rebecca. Why would you assume he’s gay just because he works an androgynous look? I’ve met him, and he’s quite clearly straight and happy to demonstrate. As if you’ve only just discovered him. Inform us when you move out of 2010.

    • Shannon

      w0lf, he’s Frank Ocean’s rumored boyfriend (not something I made up or decided based on his looks– most models work the androgynous look when they can). In fact, I don’t think I ever called him gay. Frank Ocean himself has never identified as being gay, although he has ‘come out’ and talked about being in love with a man. This is a fun post to talk about hot guys I’ve ‘just discovered,’ as you put it. I def didn’t know anything about Willy in 2010. And it’s great to hear from someone who’s met him, but again– this post really isn’t about whether or not he’s gay. It’s about him being hot!

    • @wOlf –True, we don’t know for sure but Frank Ocean himself has hinted very strongly that the two guys are dating.

  • oz

    Just ignore w0lf…he might of had bitter grapes that morning.
    I think they make a gorgeous couple even if it means losing out on my Frank Oceans sexy lips *sigh…going to listen to Solange “losing yoo” haha

    • Shannon

      oz, LMAO! ‘Losing You’ is the perfect soundtrack to this post.

  • jen

    Not gonna lie, in some of those pics he is kinda sporting the “cholo jesus’ look.

  • ghost-suit

    Please, tell me when it is “neccessary” to pose as a Native American. I can say that I’ve never found a situation where this has been convienent for myself or other indigenous persons.

    Anyways, yes good, everything else is drool worthy.

    • Sloane Cornelius

      I was just thinking that, thank you ghost-suit. It’s never necessary to put on “red-face” and then exotify us. Glad I’m not the only indigenous person who thought this was troublesome. :)

    • Shannon

      ghost-suit, you don’t really believe that I meant that literally, do you?! Okay, apparently you do. But no! I don’t ever think it’s ever physically, emotionally, or artistically ‘necessary’ to pose as a Native American. You may have noticed that the whole tone of this post is a little bit facetious. Just meant that as a hot model, he’s expected to be a little bit racially ambiguous, which sometimes translates to a shoot where he appears to be Native American.

      While this is absolutely a form of exoticization, Native Americans are one of countless peoples who experience this in the modeling industry. Not saying that it isn’t, therefore, problematic, just that I didn’t mean to focus on that in an offensive way; if anything I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek about it. However, I do appreciate y’all commenting on this issue. I had never considered the idea of ‘red-face,’ but this makes a lot of sense to me now. Thank you both.

  • Hervé Afanda

    Willy Cartier appeared in a video of a french singer called Shy’m. For those who are interested ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2f2c0J5BBM