‘Revenge’ Creator Mike Kelley Tells Us To Expect Lots Of Drama From Victoria And The Initiative This Season


Tonight’s the night, y’all! Revenge is coming back (so is The Good Wife!) and I’m hoping for a crazy episode to start off the second part of the second season. The other day we got a sneak peek at the upcoming episode and today we have some more details about the upcoming season. Click inside for more!

Mike Kelley, the creator of Revenge sat down with TV Line to talk about what Revengers can expect from the new episodes, which start tonight:

This Sunday marks the return of ABC’s Revenge (at 9/8c) — and the beginning of a return to form for erstwhile Big Bad Victoria Grayson.

“My big goal [for the rest of] this season is to reset the revenge element between Emily and Victoria, and toreally solidify Victoria as our villain once again,” creatorMike Kelley shares with TVLine. “She’s quite gray in a lot of ways this year. She’s evolving, which is good, but when her back is truly against a wall, she’s capable of some pretty terrible things.”

And terrible things we’ll see throughout this latest batch of episodes, which find “Emily and Victoria forced to work together for their own purposes — even [as they are] keeping secrets from one another,” Kelley previews. Ultimately, he adds: “Everything we’re [currently] doing between the two of them is leading toward greater conflict in order to reset and refuel the series for some time to come.”

Also receiving a slight tweak in the second half of Revenge‘s sophomore run is the increasingly twisty — and at times convoluted — Initiative plot. Kelley is firm in his belief that there “needs to be a heavy, dark force” on Revenge — which this evil corporation (?) no doubt is — yet concedes that “the show was never meant to be about a grand conspiracy in Alias or Homeland terms. It’s a smaller story about a girl out for vengeance to get the people who killed her father. What she really needs is the identities of those people and she’s going do anything she can to get them; that’s what her goal is here.”

You can read the rest of the interview here. Kelley promises that everything will tie together, and I know we have plenty of questions from the last episode that I reeeeallly want answered. I’m so curious to see what happens with Daniel and ‘Emily’! From the way the previews look, it seems like she and Aiden plan to team up against him… but what if they fall back in lurve anyway?! Agh, who knows with this show? I think mainly, I wanna see what Victoria’s up to. I miss that crazy bish and she’s always got some ish for us!

Hope y’all get to catch tonight’s episode, and I’ll see you tomorrow at the first recap of 2013!

And shouts-out to fellow-Revenger and PITNBR blaqfury! So good to have you back :)



  • Vanessa

    I am SO siked to see Emily and Daniel dating again. I always loved them most as a couple (more than her and Jack) and I think the Aiden element brings a really interesting trust issue back into the game. Ahhhhh can’t wait!

  • Thomas

    omg Shannon, I am so excited for Revenge to come back tonight (and Scandal on Thursday, eeeeek!). I’m usually on top of the TV Line articles but somehow missed this one so thanks for posting! I love that Mike Kelley is so in tune with fans’ thoughts. He is re-assuring that there is a bigger picture and it will all come together (really hoping it will). I’m excited to be able to watch this whole season together in the summer, like I did when the S1 DVD came out. It made me appreciate S1 so much and I think it’ll do the same for S2!

  • Vicky

    Is there anywhere I could watch and catch up? (I live in Canada – I know it’s on American Netflix). I would love to watch!

  • Liz

    I can’t wait for the new episode. Was not fun when all the shows were on breaks during holiday.