‘PS I Love Elie Saab And Apparently I Have Mild ADD. Weeeeeee!’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week!


This week? This week?! I can’t even y’all. Now I promised to not harp on it, but y’all know which story had me going all kinds of cray-cray this week. And I had so much fun reading everyone’s thoughts on the insane baby news that we got from Kanye West. But that wasn’t all that popped off this week. Queen Britney confirmed that she’s got some new music on the way, we heard some new Missy Elliot, and Trent helped us welcome in the new year… 90s style, lol. Through it all, my days were totally made with lots of awesomeness in commentary from you guys! Click inside to read some of the best of the week!

Oh, and a belated shouts-out to all the awesome comments from the week before. I was busy counting down the best indie flicks of 2012 so I didn’t get to do this last week! But now we’re back on track :)

PITNBR LaurenL was a little nervous when she read that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were taking on her girl Kristen Stewart in a new promo for the Golden Globes. But it all worked out in the end and we got the amazingness that was this comment:

Yay!! I love strong women in show business, and I love that their inner Kristen Stewart shines through with converse in a non-bullying way. Homegirl has taken quite a beating in the headlines in 2012, so I was apprehensive when I saw the title, but I LOURVE this. We all have the urge to wear tennies sometimes. Do people still call them tennies? I guess it’s trainers now, whatnot – anyway I need to totally get back to work. Back away from PITNB, back away… PS I love Elie Saab and apparently I have mild ADD. Weeeeeee!

PITNBR DJ is ready for that new Britney Spears music. Like now:

Now that the year of Madonna is over (waaaaaaaah, no more shows), let the new year bring new Britney, bitch!! Now I have two things to look forward to in ’13… new Britney and the MDNA dvd.

I think they need to do another song together! And then tour together! I think that could possibly be the most craziest awesome tour ever!


PITNBR Celine spoke for many of us when she shared some 2013 lurve with Trent (so many of you shared similar comments on the post, because y’all are awesome). She also had the audacity/brilliance to call me ‘stanklarious,’ And for all that, I thank her:

Trent, I’ve been following your blog for years and I relish the moment I met you at the Rufus Wainwright concert at the Hollywood Bowl in 2007 (!!)… I think I thanked you for helping me waste countless work hours :) I’ve never been compelled to comment on posts, as much as either enjoy them or just want to add something. But I just had to now. Thank you so much for providing those of us who are chismosas who have a) great senses of humor and b) excellent taste in blog writing with so much joy, for so many years. And thank you for gifting us with Shannon, who is smart and stanklarious. I’m so sorry you’re going through such a hard time – especially since you seem to give so freely and generously of your love – all your posts that celebrate your friends and family are so genuine and sweet. Those of us who have been lucky enough to love so hardcore … unfortunately have felt the stinging loss in its absence. I feel for you, and I can only say that this is a transition. Whatever gives you health and comfort in this time – go for it. Your spark that sets you apart is always there, and it will reignite tenfold this year. We love you, homie!

PITNBR emily weighed in on, what was for me, one of the biggest stories of the week. The Sandy Hook Elementary school students were welcomed at a new school, after suffering through one of the biggest tragedies of 2012. It was great to hear from someone with a personal connection to the neighborhood:

I lived in the town next to Newtown, and Chalk Hill is my old middle school. (I used to pass by that white house everyday, wow.) I was visiting the area over Christmas and it’s sobering and touching to see how the towns are coming together to help. All the firehouses and restaurants have signs about supporting Sandy Hook, and my mother (who is a social worker) has volunteered to help grieving families. There was definitely a cloud over Christmas in our town this year. We all felt so sad for our devastated neighbors and also so grateful that our own family was together and safe. You don’t have to live next to the town to feel the devastation of this tragedy, but driving the same roads does make it hit home in a different way.
I am so proud of the students, teachers, therapists, construction workers and everyone in the town who has gathered around to support the Newtown students. I wish them strength and peace as they enter into the new school year.

PITNBR Lee also weighed in on the same story, helping to close the distance between us and the people of Newtown, just a little bit:

I second everything Emily said. Chalk Hill is my old middle school as well and I remember that white house very well. It’s been incredibly sobering to be in the area the last few weeks, but it’s been amazing to watch everyone pull together to support each other during this tragedy. The entire school has also been covered in “snowflakes” made by many of the neighboring town’s school kids (and their parents, or in my case just the entire office – we all stepped away from our desks and made a giant box worth of snowflakes before delivering them to one of the people in charge of the program). I couldn’t be happier to see my old school being used to help these kids and their families find some semblance of normalcy. I can only hope that it will help them during the difficult task of handling that life has to go on.

PITNBR JCZ sent us the greatest link ever, when he learned that Frank Ocean had co-signed Lana Del Rey’s Ride video (and possibly hinted at a collaboration):

I just can’t even begin to think what a collab would sound like. I hereby demand 2 songs -one for each artist.

Ride… everyone must watch this live performance. I cannot go a night without watching it before bed. I kinda can’t sleep without doing so :-|


PITNBR Joan spoke for me (and a lot of us, I think) when she disputed Anne Hathaway’s comment about  being uncool compared to the likes of Rihanna:

Well Anne, you are cooler to me than Rihanna could ever be… *finger snap*

PITNBR Amanda is so over the idea that people like Kelly Osbourne are still considered to be overweight in certain cultures, like our own:

People need to take seats in the furthest corner of the earth.

Her body is banging and beautiful and most of all, healthy. Just because she isn’t a size zero doesn’t put her anywhere near “fat”.
This is the reason why my 10-year-old niece came up to me saying that her thighs are “flabby”. I about wept when I heard that because no one needs to hear a child feeling that way about themselves. Obesity is one thing, not being skinny is another.

So yes ridiculous people, have some seats.

PITNBR Steph also weighed in on the same story, and brought up a really strong point about our excessive use of the word ‘healthy,’ in a society that does not always fully promote or understand the true meaning of the word:

Just my 2 cents, but I hate when people say she looks “healthy”. I say this because I have been a size 14 my whole adult life and I have run 5K + races, I dragon boat competitively, I bike ride 25 K on the weekends, I horseback ride etc. and I eat healthy. By all medical standards I am “healthy”, however, by saying she NOW looks healthy, that says I do not “look healthy”? My cousin who cannot gain weight no matter what she does is a size 0, does that mean she does not look “healthy”? We as a society need to realize “healthy” comes in different shapes. Rather than LOOKING “healthy” maybe we should strive to just LIVE “healthy”,physically and psychologically.
Ok my quotation button is officially worn out now… this is nothing against you Shannon, just a beef I have with how we view and label others. We as society judge them without knowing them, which I think you understand.

PITNBR MJ, like many of us, can’t get past the greatest TV couples of the 90s, and weighed in on the non-dating news surrounding Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal:

 Personally, I wish she’d reunite with Joshua Jackson ’cause Joey + Pacey 4eva! That said, Jake would be SUCH an improvement over Crazy.
Until next week y’all! Thanks for another great time in the comments section– these are just a few that I picked, out of many, many variations in PITNB Reader awesomeness :)


  • Dezden

    I love PINTBRs!

    • rOXy

      Agree! This blog has some of the coolest, funniest, cleverest and most intelligent commenters. It has always been that way – Trent attracts a certain following and most are as compassionate, kind-hearted and loyal as he is. It’s the total package. I also love the way Shannon is a unifying force by posting items like this.

    • Shannon

      rOXy, I agree. I think we all make a great team :)

    • Shannon

      Dezden, agreed!

  • LaurenL

    DUDE! I just had the best laugh of my life when I saw my comment as the header. My personal PITNB bucket list (!?) now-I-can-die-happy moment? What? I guess I need higher goals but for now I’m super happy. Shannon is my homegirl!

    • Shannon

      LaurenL, you’re a riot :) And yes, now you can set your sights on world domination!

  • Amanda

    I feel like a rockstar! PITNB forever!

    • Shannon

      Amanda, yes! And may the phrase ‘take some seats in the furthest corner of the world’ live forever as well, lol :)

  • Joan

    FINGER SNAP! lol You make our lives happier, Shannon. Thank you!

    • Shannon

      Joan, the feeling’s mutual :)

  • MJ

    I made it! I feel like all that…and a bag of chips! ;)

  • celine

    I loved reading these collected comments – especially Emily, Lee, Amanda, and Steph. Expands my thoughts on things and lets me see a little from others’ perspectives. And I agree with Joan, that I couldn’t be more bored with Rih— zzz, zzz, snore, snortle, eyeballs rolling back, open mouth, snore, drool, loud scary snore. And I cannot lie, it made me super smile to see that you included my comment about how much we all love Trent, and wish him only starshine lovelight for 2013. Thank you!! What a honor & treat. And Shannon – I mean you are more hilarious than just hilarious, you put some stank on it!!!!!

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