New Year, New Race


So, yesterday was a very bizzy day. The first part of the day was spent celebrating the first birthday of a friend’s darling baby and the second part was spent running the streets of downtown LA for the New Year’s Race half marathon. Honestly, I love running in the evening or at night, I generally prefer it to running first thing in the morning … but a half marathon that starts at 9:30 pm is no joke … especially after you’ve been up running around all day ;)

The party was really fun, with lots of supercute kids running around. I got to hang out with Tamar, Rob, Gen and Charlie for the most part. As you can see, we all had fun with the photobooth :)

I tried to rest up all afternoon, leading up to the big race last night but I couldn’t really sleep and my eating schedule was all effed up … but I ran the race and had a lot of fun, particularly because I got to run it with Tam’s brother Jeremy:

I was very surprised and happy to learn that the race took us into Dodgers Stadium where we got to run around the field. Running DTLA at night was really fun but man, it got cold. I finished with a 2:12 time … which wasn’t bad, IMHO, since I hadn’t run a considerable distance in many weeks. If you can believe it, I have a full marathon next weekend at Disney World. Lord, I’ve lost my mind.

Today is Jeremy’s birthday and just after we finished the race, we celebrated his big day at Ollie and Caleb’s place. It was a very fun but very long night. I need to rest up and recuperate a bit today. OY! I hope you are having a smashing Sunday. A little bird gifted me with the entire 3rd season of Downton Abbey so … I know what I’ll be doing :D

  • Emily Terry Reinke

    My brother is running the WDW marathon as well (and the half, but he’s just crazy!). Have fun!!!

  • Megbech

    Congrats on your run! Season 3 is phenom! AND there was a special DA show shown on Christmas day (picks up where season 3 left off)! Ask your little bird for that one too. ;)

  • Nicole O’Brien

    You’re running Disney next weekend?! You crazy marathoner—you’re insane!! (In a good way.)

  • Dezden

    You have lost your mind! ;) Just kidding… but wow!! You rock, as always! Good luck next weekend!