Missy Elliott Says She Is Very Interested In Collaborating With Britney Spears


Now … before we talk too much about this amazing news, let’s keep in mind that it would prolly behoove us muchly if we did NOT get all into an excited tizzy based on a 5 word tweet … BUT … it appears that Missy Misdemeanor Elliott is quite keen on working professionally with our dear Britney Spears. In response to a Missy tweet where she talked about the release of her new single with Timbaland titled 9th Inning, a fan asked her if she might be interested in collaborating with Britney if asked. To my GREAT EXCITEMENT, Missy responded in the affirmative … she is quite interested in working with Britney. Read what she had to say below.

You may recall that we learned officially that Britney is working with a host of producers on her next album so it stands to reason that she might be up for working on a song (or 3) with Missy Elliott. The last and only time they worked together professionally was when Britney, Missy and Xtina performed on stage with Madonna on the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards:

I can’t EVEN tell you how amazing this collab would be. Britney should, IMHO, ditch will.i.am and work more closely with Missy on a few tracks. Can you even imagine? I mean, the nostalgia factor alone … damn. Missy is a hot producer who is ready to make a splashy comeback … you don’t get much splashier than working with Britney Spears. While I can’t set my heart on this collab happening just yet, I can pray on it … and pray I shall :)

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  • Monicaaa

    OMG!! I would seriously die of happiness if this collabo happened. Love me some Missy Elliott! I could definitely see her producing some hot tracks for our girl Britney.

    Excited just thinking about the possibilities! Can’t wait for this new Britney album!!

  • ClaireMichelle


  • nicole

    this is what britney needs. not will.i.am.
    i dont care what anyone says,2013 is the year of Missy

  • JCZ

    Shannon – your opinion is greatly appreciated! Haha

    This would be great – it would help her quest for a more urban belonging in radio, after all she pushed for that during her creative control days (Britney/ITZ/Blackout) – but I doubt her label, as typical, would do anything since they STILL hold onto the ‘girl next door’ image. But this, or any other BIG urban artist could be her Outrageous 2.0 & be that big break on urban radio.

  • Dezden