Lil Wayne Might Be Voicing A Character In The Next Pixar Film


Lil Wayne– my absolute favorite rapper… back in 2007– has plans to retire from rap, as we heard a while ago. Weezy F. Baby might be going into the um skateboarding business for good (which is fine; you gotta do what you love!), but he’s also got some other things in the works. Click inside to learn more about his next project– which may very well involve your kid’s new favorite movie! Scary, right? Lol, no, no. It’s awesome. Click inside!

Complex has the story:

It appears as though Lil Wayne is expanding his repertoire in 2013, as news hit the Internet recently that Wayne will be featured in the upcoming Pixar film The Good Dinosaur. This news has yet to be confirmed by anybody in Wayne’s camp, but if it is true Weezy could be making his animated debut when the movie hits theatres in May 2014.

The film is reportedly being directed by the duo of Bob Peterson and Peter Sohn, both of whom were the directors behind the very popular film Up.

OMG. I totally hated on this story when I first read it. All I really want is for Weezy to be the Weezy of The Dedication 1 and 2. But alas, you can’t turn back the hands of time and life must go on! Plus, when I really thought about it, this totally makes sense. His voice has always been weird (my friend used to say he sounded like a duck on his debut album Tha Block Is Hot), and it’s only got weirder over time. I can totally see/hear him as a dinosaur in a Pixar movie, lmao. And I’m not gonna front, I’m kind of excited. Kind of, lol.

Your thoughts? Either way, if the movie’s being directed by the Up guys then I’m totally there. With or without the kids.

No, seriously. I friggen love Up!



  • miguel

    Um…is there any way I can still get The Good Dinosaur(which I am looking forward to very much), but HOLD the Lil Wayne. Please & thank yoU! :D

  • nicole

    well here’s hoping he learns to not mumble.