Watch: Would YOU Like To Attend Classes At ‘Monsters University’


Later this year, the prequel film Monsters University will open in theaters and to promote the film’s release, Disney/Pixar has released a video promo and is meant to look like a recruitment ad for the fictional Monsters U. The clip aired during the Rose Bowl football game this week and is meant to look exactly like a real life college recruitment ad. It’s really cute, check it out above. Then, click below to see what the official website for Monsters University looks like … yes, Disney/Pixar created a fully fleshed out site for the fictional university. It’s brilliant!

Head on over to and have fun!

  • Daniel

    Love it! It looks like you might be able to actually buy some university gear…too cute :)

  • kendra

    In answer to your question..Yes..Yes I would like to attend Monsters University..Very much.. :) They’ve had that site up for a couple of months now..It’s so rad..

  • ClaireMichelle

    If I can’t go to Hogwarts, I’d be happy with going to Monsters University.