First Look: That Celebrity Diving Show Is Totally Coming


A little while back we heard about the new reality special Stars In Danger: The High Dive and I basically decided right away that I would not be watching. That ish just sounded too cray for me– JWOWW, Terrell Owens, Kyle & Kim Richards… doing a high dive? LMAO, I couldn’t deal. And I still can’t. But… out of curiosity I found myself watching this clip and kind of got into it… and by ‘it’ I mean ‘seeing So You Think You Can Dance all-star Stephen “Twitch” Boss in a speedo.’ LOL, peep the clip above and click inside for one more promo video. Okay, now who’s watching?

 Stars In Danger: The High Dive premieres at 8 pm EST Wednesday, January 9th on FOX.


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  • HeatherLea1340

    Twitch went to my high school! LoL. Totally tuning in to this.

  • nicole

    OMG! TWITCH?!?! now i HAVE to watch. i mean i was going to check it out for TO – cause he should be entertaining enough..but i loves me some twitch.

  • Sergeja

    Hey, isn’t that that lady from Baywatch? Also, that blonde guy next to her looks like someone from Baywatch too …

  • Steph

    I could watch Twitch do just about anything for an hour and be entertained :) Helps that he is wearing a speedo though!

  • Jesse Oldman

    Celebrity is used very loosely as all I seem to recognize is Jwoww lol