Watch: ‘The Walking Dead’ Releases A Season 3, Part 2 Promo Video


We are just a bit over a month away from the return of the third season of The Walking Dead and I’m damn near ready to lose my mind with anticipation. The first half of the season ended what seems like EONS ago and we still have weeks to wait until the show returns with the second half of the season. To tide us over, AMC has released a new promo video for Season 3, Part 2 of The Walking Dead — which you can watch in full above. I know it’s not much but it’s something to feed on … um, besides brains ;)

  • Liz

    This isn’t new. They showed this at the end of the mid season finale.

  • Sabrina

    I swear if Daryl dies I am going to lose my ish!

    • JeniLeeSK8

      Daryl has been in the trailers….he’s not dying.

      My husband and I were of the rare people who thought season 1 was okay but nothing special (it was all action and NO character development…by the end of the season i knew maybe 5 characters names). We LOVED season 2 which had less action but really fleshed out the characters. We really liked the beginning of season 3 then started to get bored. I was glad it went on hiatus haha. I hope it gets better when it comes back.