The Steve Jobs Biopic ‘jOBS’ Will Open In Theaters In April


Early last month we got our first official look at Ashton Kutcher in the role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming terribly titled biopic film jOBS and today we learn that the film will open in theaters here in the US in April. As you may recall, we learned previously that the film is set to debut first at the Sundance Film Festival but unless you’re going to be at the fest, you’re gonna hafta wait until April to see Ashton in action as Steve … are you excited?

jOBS, the independent film about former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, will arrive in theaters in April, the movie’s distributors announced Thursday. The film — not to be confused with the one Sony Pictures is creating based on Walter Isaacson’s biography of the late tech luminary — will star Ashton Kutcher as Jobs and is still slated to premiere this month on the closing night of the Sundance Film Festival. Along with the April release date, distributors Open Road Films and Five Star Feature Films released this deeper synopsis of the jOBS on Thursday:

Directed by Joshua Michael Stern, written by Matthew Whitely, shot by Oscar- winning cinematographer Russell Carpenter and produced by Mark Hulme, jOBS details the major moments and defining characters that influenced Steve Jobs on a daily basis from 1971 through 2000. jOBS plunges into the depths of his character, creating an intense dialogue-driven story that is as much a sweeping epic as it is an immensely personal portrait of Steve Jobs’ life. The filmmakers were granted unprecedented access during shooting to the historic garage in Palo Alto, that served as the birthplace to Apple Inc.

Mark Hulme of Five Star describes Kutcher’s performance as “inspiring and unforgettable” … jOBS also stars Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad, Lukas Haas, J.K. Simmons and Matthew Modine. Inferno Entertainment is handling international sales on jOBS.

HMMM … I have mixed feelings about this film. I really want it to be good and, honestly, I think that Ashton Kutcher might be able to do the role justice. It’s hard to get past the terrible title and while I have high hopes about Ashton’s abilities, we just can’t know for sure if this first film about the late Steve Jobs will do him honor … or not. I think we can all agree that Ashton deffo looks the part … but we’ll have to wait until April to see if he can act the part.


  • Joanna

    I hope this movie is to Apple and Jobs’ legacy what “The Social Network” was to Facebook and Zuckerberg’s. Steve Jobs is a technology genius and he deserves to be remembered as such. While Ashton Kutcher certainly looks the part of a young Jobs, he hasn’t been known as a fantastic actor. I’m gonna reserve judgement until I see the movie for myself. I’m definitely looking forward to it though.

    • Joanna

      When I was talking about Steve Jobs’ legacy I meant WAS a tech genius not IS.

  • emily

    I’ve been working my way through the Isaacson book (late to the party I know, but it’s on the Nook I’m borrowing from my library) and I’m surprised about what a conflicted character Jobs was. We all hear about his genius, and he was, but he was also very temperamental, difficult to work with and alienating to most of his employees. At times he succeeded despite himself standing in his own way. Fascinating read to get a full picture of this conflicted and genius man. I wonder how much this movie is going to touch on the conflicted emotions.