Kelly Osbourne Says It’s Crazy That People Still Call Her Fat


Okay. So remember a while back when we saw the photoshoot that Kelly Osbourne did with Cosmopolitan magazine? And she looked all kinds of amazing and healthy? And I was all like, she’s daring us to hate on her, lol? Well, yeah. You know Hollywood. Since Kelly still looks like she occasionally eats, she obviously isn’t quite skinny enough for some folks. Why are we not surprised? Click inside to read what Kelly has to say about the issue.

Apparently Kelly spoke to Fabulous magazine and said that, even after such a dramatic change in her figure, she still gets a lot of hateration:

I’m the thinnest I’ve ever been and the healthiest I’ve ever been… The totally insane thing is that I’m a UK size 4 to 6 and people still say I’m fat.

I mean it’s crazy but I’ve had this all my life and I just try and ignore it.’

Well, as the saying goes, Haters gon’ hate! Kelly’s got a boyfriend who’s a vegan chef and a whole team behind her helping her to stay in shape. That sounds awesome, lol! And I can see why people would be jealous of all that, but damn! You’d think folks could just give props where props are due. Not so much, I guess.

The truth is, Kelly’s gonna hear stuff like this forever. Or at least until she drops another 5 pounds. And then everyone will complain that she’s too thin, etc., etc. The body issue in America is cray-cray! I know it exists in other countries, but we’re really special when it comes to this ish, lol. I remember learning about a Muslim woman who warned American women not to pity the Muslim women who must wear the hijab, for we have a veil of our own—the ‘size 6′ veil. True dat.

Even I feel like I’m participating in the ridiculousness somehow, with this story. I guess I’m just hoping we’ll all eventually get pissed enough to stop trying to look like whatever or whoever. Me? I’m just tryna live forever (or, you know, close) and fit into my jeans. Not tryna buy new ones. Love these Levis, lol!

Anyway, random thought—remember those Julia Kozerski photos we saw a while back.? I’m gonna go look at those again. Somehow, even as she was documenting that stunning body transformation, she understood (and conveyed) the idea that honesty and bravery (and character) are always going to be more interesting than our physical make-up. Or at least, that we should be paying them both close attention, simultaneously.

And yeah, I’m totally rambling because our site is down right now, so I’m writing this in a Word doc, and no one can stop me! Agh!

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  • helen

    Love this! She’s your usuall celebrity saying “oh I try not to pay attention to what people say” and having an eating dissorder behind cameras, she’s sayinig “I’m healthy and YOU’re crazy”. LOVE IT.

  • helen

    She’s not*

  • Ashley

    No mater how skinny she will be, people will aways call her fat because people like to hide behind the screen names and make snide comment because of their distain for her. Like Mariah Carey for an example

  • Amanda

    People need to take seats in the furthest corner of the earth.

    Her body is banging and beautiful and most of all, healthy. Just because she isn’t a size zero doesn’t put her anywhere near “fat”.
    This is the reason why my 10-year-old niece came up to me saying that her thighs are “flabby”. I about wept when I heard that because no one needs to hear a child feeling that way about themselves. Obesity is one thing, not being skinny is another.

    So yes ridiculous people, have some seats.

    • Shannon

      Amanda, ‘People need to take seats in the furthest corner of the earth.’ LOLOLOLOL! I love it, and I wholeheartedly agree.

  • rOXy

    I loved the style of this post, Shannon. It’s like a window which allows us to see the gears in that mind of yours. Logically, I agree with everything you said. When it’s about someone else, I am much more lenient than I am when it’s about me. The other day I was stomping the streets in the absolute perfect pair of shreds (you know the ones with a zipper that’s about a 1/2 inch long), and even though some may say the size they are means I am too thin, I won’t hear of it and you couldn’t have hit my ass with a shiny red apple if you tried. As long as people focus on good health, then what size you are is your own perogative. Although striving for and being fit is the key to a good quality of life in old age, I’m not going to throw my nose up at the notion of wearing extremely cute and razor edge fashion. I am always amazed at the people who constantly froth and foam about people’s weight. I think they are trying to create a thick cloud of stink around themselves so you can’t see through it and notice their own inadequacies. It doesn’t work because I have xray eyes. Those people are absolutely ugly no matter what they look like so they should save their money and forget about even trying to look good.

    Yeah. I noticed the site was down. I had to go find something else to do. My house is clean!

  • Lulu

    Side note. I loved Julia’s bravado in those photo’s but every time I see her name I just see another picture on her site where she photographed her uhm.. used pad. It apparently haunts my brain. blergh!

  • Rus

    There is NO WAY that she is a UK 4-6 because that size is anorexic and she is thin but not that thin.

    • Jenna

      @Rus, I am a UK size 6 and I am most definitely not anorexic. Some people are just naturally slim (I eat like a horse!) Skinny-bashing is just as hurtful and ignorant as fat-bashing.

  • Joan

    America— I’m sorry, make that THE WORLD— has a very poor understanding of the concept of body types. Half of the people that get called out for being “fat” or “too thin” fall victims to that ignorance. Humanity needs a huge dosage of body love and self-acceptance.

  • Steph

    Just my 2 cents, but I hate when people say she looks “healthy”. I say this because I have been a size 14 my whole adult life and I have run 5K + races, I dragon boat competitively, I bike ride 25 K on the weekends, I horseback ride etc. and I eat healthy. By all medical standards I am “healthy”, however, by saying she NOW looks healthy, that says I do not “look healthy”? My cousin who cannot gain weight no matter what she does is a size 0, does that mean she does not look “healthy”? We as a society need to realize “healthy” comes in different shapes. Rather than LOOKING “healthy” maybe we should strive to just LIVE “healthy”,physically and psychologically.
    Ok my quotation button is officially worn out now… this is nothing against you Shannon, just a beef I have with how we view and label others. We as society judge them without knowing them, which I think you understand.

    • Amanda

      Being healthy can come in many shapes and forms, no doubt about it. When I mentioned that Kelly looked “healthy”, I was responding to her own statement that this is the healthiest she has ever felt/been. If you’d followed Kelly’s journey through her weight and lifestyle, she has been through some rough patches in her life and this is the most “together” she has ever been, and the word “healthy” here refers not just to her weight, but how she is presenting herself to the world in general: balanced, confident and happy.

      Plus, you can always be larger and still healthy, no doubt about that but think about it, and statistics have also proven that when you lose the unnecessary weight, you also usually lose a number of health risks and complications along with it. A healthy size 18 and a healthy size 8 is not a generally common comparison. In most cases, a size 8 or 10 would probably be healthier than say, a size 18 or 20.

    • Shannon

      Hey Steph! Thanks for writing this– I think you make a great point. And the truth is, the word ‘healthy’ does get tossed around and in many ways, it allows us to assume a lot.

      Like Amanda, I think I was thinking about the changes I’ve seen in Kelly over the years. Even though this post was about her weight I think I was also thinking about her attitude and lifestyle changes. I couldn’t staaaaaand Kelly when she was a young girl on the Osbourne reality show, and I think you could tell that she got happier as she got older and started working on her issues– and the weight loss is really only a reflection of those changes. That is to say, I think she worked on wayyy more than just her weight and that’s why I used the word ‘healthy.’

      Still, you’re right! ‘Healthy’ is often another word for ‘thin’ in our culture and that needs to be problematized. I like that you say ‘we should strive to just LIVE “healthy” physically and psychologically.’ YES. ABSOLUTELY. ALL OF THAT.

  • emily

    Perhaps Kelly is getting this hate because she famously hated on and bullied other famous people about their weight? Christina Aguilera comes to mind, and I know she’s said some other nasty stuff about other people’s bodies. She has been downright vile to other people and is now crying a river because people are vile to her? I’ve got little sympathy for this woman who is happy to talk about other people but wants to put herself off limits. She’s a bully. Good for her for losing weight, but she’s still a bully.

  • Donny

    I don’t think she’s a bully. I think she felt bullied and retaliated when those haters gained weight themselves while she did the opposite. It’s human nature – and she’s grown up since then. I don’t see her exhibiting that kind of behavior in the future. She’s really transformed herself and we all know it wasn’t easy.

    To call her fat is pretty much appalling. It’s a word thrown around way too easily. There is certainly an epidemic of obesity in the US that needs to be addressed but we should not perpetuate it by mislabeling those who are not.

    There are plenty of healthy size 0s and size 20s. There is the obvious difference in physical appearance but it has little to do with health. In addition to our bodies we also need to focus on how our brains contribute to overall well-being.

  • Ben@pr

    USA is definitely crazy with beauty standards specially for women. They must be just skin and bones to be considered beautiful and sexy. If Kelly loose any more weight she will look just plain unhealthy and malnourished. She’s never looked hotter and seems to have matured a lot.