Frank Ocean Wants Everyone To Listen To Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ride’

Will Do, Frank. Will Do.

So I was stalking casually checking out Frank Ocean’s Tumblr this morning and saw that, since he’s no longer in the back of a cop car, he’d posted Lana Del Rey’s Ride video. And I was all like, Well whadday ya know? I love Lana Del Rey’s Ride video! Coincidence? I think not! Frank and I clearly belong together… back off Willy Cartier! LMAO, no but seriously. Is Frank trying to tell us something? Click inside to help me figure out what this mysterious posting of one of my favorite 2012 videos is all about.

Okay, so in case you need a reminder. Here’s the video Frank wants us to watch, lol:

Okay, so there’s the obvious. Maybe he just likes the song, and wanted everyone to know that he just likes the song. Hell, he’d just posted a John Legend song a few days before.

But… what if it’s his way of hinting at a possible collaboration?! That’s what a lot of his followers are hoping for, and we learned yesterday that social media is the go-to guy for sniffing out upcoming musical collaborations. I don’t even knooow what a Lana Del Rey/Frank Ocean collab would look/sound like, but I know I wanna find out!

LMAO! I forgot to tell y’all that when I was on his Facebook, someone wrote

f*ck dem speeding tickets. just ride, Frank. just ride.

Maybe it was, indeed, a message about the trouble he got into on New Year’s Eve. Maybe he plans to just go on ahead and ride [dirty], lol. No, but seriously Frank. Get that license!


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  1. Lulu

    Okay I loved the full music video… but She is seriously a good actress because I just can’t with some of those men. o_O

  2. JCZ

    I just can’t even begin to think what a collab would sound like. I hereby demand 2 songs -one for each artist.

    Ride… everyone must watch this live performance. I cannot go a night without watching it before bed. I kinda can’t sleep without doing so :-|

  3. Donny

    ‘Ride’ is the best video of 2012. The full video is 10 minutes long and there isn’t a single wasted frame. Lana got it so right. Brilliant!

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