First Look: A Documentary On The Rise & Fall Of Napster Is On The Way

Remember the Golden Age of MP3s

Before Spotify and iTunes and the ability to download music at will on your computer, your phone, your tablet — for a fee — you were able to download almost any song in existence for FREE with the help of an amazing program called Napster. Do you remember? Back in the late 90′s, Napster turned the music business upside down by making digital copies of songs freely available to anyone with an Internet connection. Those of us who remember the hey day of Napster remember how good it used to be … and a new documentary titled Downloaded is about to remind us about that time, not so long ago. Click above to check out the trailer for Downloaded and remember how good life was back then … and how quickly it went away.

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  1. I remember downloading many Britney Spears “instrumentals” on Napster. Those were the days!

  2. oh man…Napster was my bitch back in the day.

  3. I think I still have some of my Napster mp3s on my old pc.

  4. emily

    I remember sitting in a dorm Freshmen year of college and my friend introducing me to Napster. He says, “What song do you want to hear?” All of sudden, BAM – it’s in his laptop and burned onto a CD for my musical pleasure.

  5. Napster was crazy… I had dial-up for wayyyy too long… I didn’t use it much because of that. It took FOREVER to download a song, and it tied up our phone line. Haha! But it was crazy and it was very much a revolution.

  6. Mark

    I was a kid when I first heard about it. I even remember the first song I downloaded: S Club 7 “Cross My Heart”……. don’t judge me lol

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