Succumbing To The ‘Abbey’


Despite my better judgement, I finally took the advice of some friends and started watching the PBS Masterpiece Theater series Downton Abbey and, as loathe as I am to admit it, I think I’ve become a fan. Because I’m not a fan of period pieces (generally), I totally dismissed all the hype about the show as silly nonsense. When I learned that my friend Rob liked the show … I was really surprised. He hates everything (but in a clever way) and if Downton Abbey was a show that he actually liked, then there had to be something good about it. My recent acquisition of Apple TV has put the first 2 seasons of the show at the ready and … on a lark I decided to watch the first episode. I didn’t love it immediately. By the third ep, I had to keep watching just to see what would happen next and, well, today I’m starting season 2.

I rationalized that my watching Downton Abbey was a good way to support PBS and all the important programming they offer so … I didn’t feel so bad. For me, by far, the stand out performer is Dame Maggie Smith. She is amazing in everything .. and she is superb in Downton Abbey. The whole show is very well written and it looks gorgeous. I felt that my little condo was ill-prepared for me to watch such an oppulent show … I had to light some candles to set the mood. I suspect I’ll be thru season 2 by the time season 3 premieres this week-end (What is a week-end?) so … yep, I think I’m hooked.

After my Downton marathon, I made my way down to hang out with Emma and Josh in their neck of the woods for dinner and drankin’:

It’s been cold here so I dug out my Viktor & Rolf peacoat and my authentic French sailor cap for the occasion. I picked up the cap in Paris on a visit to the City of Lights a few years ago when we stayed with Steph and Alek before they moved officially to the US. The coat is from H&M when they first started pairing with big name designers. Yes, I look like I fell out of a French crackerjack box but I think it was a good look.

Today, I’m planning to hang out with Ollie and Karen and I guess I should go for a run … we shall see. Happy Thursday.

  • kendra

    LOVE the Frenchie look on you, Trent!

  • Lauri

    Better Downtown Abby than marathon watching Melrose Place!

  • Kate

    Season 3 has already aired in the UK and will be available for purchase on Amazon mid-January. Just in case you can’t wait. ;-)

    • @Kate — OMG, the whole season? Hahaha, I hate waiting :) Thanks for the head’s up.

  • Kiki

    Fair warning: season 2 is a bit of a let down after how fantastic season 1 was. Not sure if the initial awe just wore off by the time season 2 rolled around or if the plots just had less spark… but it is still a joy to watch.

  • randomdreamer01

    I actually quite enjoy season 2 and thought season 3 was a bit of a let down! But still, awesome show overall :D

  • Adriana

    Yay! I’m so glad you are into this! I actually started watching Seasons 1 and 2 again just yesterday to get myself ready for 3. I started to fall in love with all the characters all over again. You’ll have to tell us who your favorite character is and why, You’ll probably be in a better position to say as the first season progresses. I need to look into when Season 3 will be airing, I also wonder if I’ll be able to watch on Hulu. SO SO SO glad you are a Downtoner now!

  • Shannon

    Trent, you are too cute in that hat and striped shirt! I’m gonna have to jump on the ‘Abbey’ train now before I get too far behind.

  • Christina

    Season 3 starts here in the US this Sunday, and I cannot WAIT!! I am completely hooked, too, thanks to my brother and my mom. I have a mad crush on Brendan Coyle (ever since his Lark Rise to Candleford days), heh. Free John Bates!! :-)

  • Chris R

    You will enjoy watching season 3. I loved the show so much that I found a way to watch it ahead of time. Just keep tuned in for the new season which starts on Sunday night. Welcome aboard

  • Amanda

    Trent – that first photo of you and your phone is AMAZING. I think it’s the best photo you’ve ever posted of yourself. I love it!

    • Shannon

      Amanda, Trent is looking pretty Parisian gangsta in that one, right? Hadn’t noticed before– thanks, lol!

  • Lulu

    Oh I love DA!! :) so good!

  • Bekah

    OMG! I love Downton Abbey! If you look up the definition of awesome in the dictionary, you’ll see Maggie Smith’s picture. Season 2 was my favourite. Season 3 is still good, but not as exciting.

    Also, on an non-period piece note, if you haven’t seen the series ‘Archer,’ you should get on that. It’s hilarious.

  • Diana

    I love all 3 seasons… Season 3, is just, aaah! I still cannot believe parts of it. I stream all my shows online because I don’t live in either the UK or the States. Let me know if you would like the website, Trent.

  • HN

    Give ITV UK some credit for producing this – this is not a PBS program, they’ve purchased it from ITV.

    • @HN — Yes, ITV is a great network. I’m also partial to E4, the amazing network that brought us Skins and Misfits.