Krysten Ritter Stirs Up ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Casting Rumors


It’s been a little while since we heard any Fifty Shades Of Grey casting rumors, but they’re starting up again! Back in September it was pretty much confirmed that Ryan Gosling would not be taking on the role of Christian Grey, but that’s fine because we just saw him in the trailer for The Place Beyond The Pines. And yeah, plenty of sexy there, lol. Now rumors are flying about that Krysten Ritter from Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 is a possible frontrunner for the role of Anastasia Steele. Click inside to learn more!

E! has the story:

Haven’t engaged in any Fifty Shades of Grey dream-casting lately?

Fear not, the B—- in Apartment 23 is here to help!

Krysten Ritter, whose name has been bandied about as a possibility to play the impressionable and nubile Anastasia Steele, has only added fuel to the sexy fire by retweeting a fan’s endorsement that stemmed from a Cinemablend report that the 31-year-old actress was gunning for the role.

“Thanks! i would be down. ;) RT@JustMe_Toni: @50shadesclub between the two it should 100% be @Krystenritter,” Ritter tweeted this morning.

Maybe she’s just gracefully accepting a compliment, but what does the wink mean?!

Her rep has not yet returned a request for comment—and her publicist isn’t the only one who’s fielded some Fifty Shades calls over the past year.

With Christian Grey seemingly in the forefront of female fans’ (or, fans’) minds, names like Ian SomerhalderMatt BomerChris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling have all enjoyed time in the spotlight, while Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson have made a few Anastasia casting wish lists, as well.


Based on this report, I don’t know if Krysten is really a frontrunner for the role. I mean, one retweet doesn’t amount to much in terms of casting news… but… you never know! Do any of y’all see Krysten as an Anastasia Steele? I haven’t watched her show but I did see her in a sweet little indie flick with Kate Bosworth last year (L!fe Happens) and I thought she was good.

As I said when we talked about casting news before, I’m hoping the movie might accomplish the rare feat of being better than the book. I really do think that if they get the right people involved (behind the cameras and in front of them) this could be a good flick.


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  • Sam

    She will definitely regret it if ever she does take the role. Like Rob and Kristen probably did with Twilight

  • Krissy

    I haven’t read the book, but based on what others have said it seems that the character is supposed to be a bit naive and innocent. IMO, Krysten has so much attitude and strong presence that I don’t know if I would buy her as a delicate flower-type character.

  • xokimmy

    no, no, no. she is too wrong for it. i agree with krissy that the character is naive and innocent, and i think very few known actresses could do it..i think amanda seyfried could pull it off, but it might really just need to be an unknown.

  • Chellsy

    I read the books I like Krysten but she has like a bitchy and conffident attitude that does not go with the role of anastasia, anastasia is naive, inocent and she doesnt even have confidence that she is sexy or has sex appeal and Krysten is the oposite of that IMHO I would really like to see Emma watson or Kaya Scodelario (the girl from Skins UK) they fit for the role and Alexander Skarsgård, Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill as Christian Grey

  • nicole

    i dont see this being true. shes the complete opposite of what Ana is.

  • Erika

    Henry Cavill as Christian Grey
    Alexis Bledel as Ana

    • JeniLeeSK8

      YES Erika I agree!!

  • Dot

    I read this back when it was only a fanfiction and to be honest I don’t really care who will play Anastasia. What I want to know is who will play Christian and (Lord please) let it be Ryan. I want to see his abs in 3D !

  • Joan

    I still question whether any legit, serious actress (that isn’t nuts) would ever take this role for anything other than exposure and without being unapologetic and open about the reason they took the role. I can see Krysten take the role with that unapologetic approach, without taking herself or the story too seriously. (She doesn’t have to be innocent. She’s an actress. She just has to ACT like she is and pull it off.) Same goes with the role of Christian Grey. Alexander Skarsgård seems like a good fit to me so far precisely because he has talked about his frivolous interest openly. I mean, there’s absolutely no depth or artistry to this series. None. No matter how popular it got. If ANY actor tries to imply there is, I would never take them seriously again.