Katie Holmes & Jake Gyllenhaal Are Not Dating


So … a couple of days ago a rumor started going around that actors Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal have been carrying on a secret romance. According to the initial report, the pair had been “introduced” but a third party and BAM! they fell in love. Because both actors are currently starring on Broadway shows, I’m guessing the connection seemed to make sense to whoever it was that came up with the story. When I first caught wind of this, I think I laughed so hard that I almost choked on a Chicken McNugget from McDonald’s (What? Don’t judge me). I guess the story picked up enough steam that Katie’s rep had to issue a denial … I mean, duh. In an attempt to try and quell this silly story, I felt it was my duty to reaffirm for the world that Jake and Katie are NOT dating. I repeat, they are NOT dating. They’re not. No.

No secret celebrity romance here! New reports surfaced this week that Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal are secretly dating in the Big Apple. According to the rumors, Holmes, 34, has been spending time over at the 32-year-old actor’s West Village apartment for dinners. But it seems Tom Cruise’s ex-wife and mother of daughter Suri, 6, is still single going into the new year. Holmes’ rep told Gossip Cop that the Gyllenhaal romance rumors are “not at all true.”

I can’t believe that people seriously believed this story … I certainly hope none of you PITNBers believed it for a second. Look, I like Katie … she seems like a very nice lady and I’m extremely happy for her that she is no longer married to Tom Cruise but … c’mon … Jake Gyllenhaal? Nah. Tho, it has been a while since we’ve gotten any substantial news about Jakey poo. He’s been working hard on Broadway, yes, but there hasn’t been much news on him otherwise. I’m guessing people were so hungry for Jake news that they would pay attention to this story just because it involved our dear Jake. But, nothing to see here … move it along. Sorry, Katie … I really am.


  • MJ

    Personally, I wish she’d reunite with Joshua Jackson ’cause Joey + Pacey 4eva! That said, Jake would be SUCH an improvement over Crazy.

    • @MJ — “Personally, I wish she’d reunite with Joshua Jackson ’cause Joey + Pacey 4eva!”

      Now you’re talkin’.

  • Desdemona

    Believe it or not I wanted it to be true! I think they would make a good pair. After Taylor Swift, anything is possible!

    • Hannah

      I came here to say the same thing about Taylor Swift. Since that odd incident whoever Jake dates wouldn’t surprise me.

  • nicole

    i kind of hoped this was true…i mean look who they each were with before..they deserve some fun.

  • CB

    This is ridiculous because Jake is clearly gay, right?