First Listen: Timbaland Releases ‘Party Anthem,’ Featuring Missy Elliott, Lil Wayne, And T-Pain

New Year, New Tim And Missy!
'Turn Up Ya Speakers'

Back in September we heard two new Timbaland-produced tracks from Missy Elliott, and so began the long-awaited celebration of Missy‘s return to the music world. Timbaland just released his new song Party Anthem, and he’s got Missy, T-Pain and Lil Wayne on the track. I love the beat, but at first I wasn’t sure if Party Anthem was the right title. It’s got a great sound, but it’s also a little laid-back. However, by the end of the song I could kinda hear this getting a few parties amped up– especially Missy‘s opening. Peep the audio above for more! Your thoughts? If Weezy hadn’t sounded like he was rapping through an ish-load of blunt smoke, I might have enjoyed his verse too. Luvya Weezy!

P.S. Yes, I’m also distracted by the Youtube video uploader’s misspelling of Wayne.


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  1. so excited for new missy! Work it is still my jam.

  2. take wayne out and its just amazing. soooooo freakin excited for all this new Missy & Timbo music. i have high hopes for music in 2013

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