Are Rihanna, Beyoncé And Azealia Banks On A New Lady Gaga Track Called ‘Ratchet’?


Do y’all remember a while back we heard that Azealia Banks had collaborated with Lady Gaga and Kanye West on two separate tracks? Well, when Azealia confirmed the rumor, she said that one of the two Lady Gaga songs is titled Ratchet. Because, as we know, this is pretty much the season of ratchet. Anyhoo, the interwebs have been all abuzz because Beyoncé and Rihanna have both shared seemingly coded messages that might hint at their involvement with the project. Trent, in fact, shared a picture of Bey the other day, and she was rocking a Houston Rockets hat, along with a pair of Ratchet earrings. I gotta be honest– if this collabo is going down, I’m kind of excited. Just not about the title, lol. Click inside for more!

So this is the photographic evidence that’s been piling up.


The Internet is currently blazing with rumours that the song, initially believed to have been a collaboration between Lady GaGa and Azealia Banks, “Ratchet” will act as the dual comeback song for Beyoncé and Lady GaGa’s new albums with Rihanna and Azealia featured on the track also.

It’s safe to say that all four artist’s fan bases are going crazy on social networks right now after a picture was posted cluing up the four acts’ hints of a song together. This song could be this decade’s answer to Lady Marmalade and will set Azealia, Beyoncé and GaGa’s year up perfectly with new albums being released by all three artists.


Hmmm, I don’t know about another Lady Marmalade, but this could definitely be a big deal. What do y’all think? Coincidence in ratchet? Or do we have a pretty epic song headed our way?


  • nicole

    well the word ratchet has become big it could be nothing. but if its something…its going to be a messssssssss. i honestly dont think any good could come out this collab.

  • blaqfury

    I’m not too excited about it, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was curious… I’ll take a listen…

  • Krissy

    The timing is interesting. I wonder if Gaga and Azealia will pop up at the Super Bowl.

  • Dezden

    LOL. This is ratchet as hell. Damn. I could live without Rihanna on it… y’all know I’m done with her.

  • The Original Doll

    Umm, I thought this decade’s Lady Marmalade was the Femme Fatale Remix of Till The World Ends by Godney with Keeeeeeesha and Nicki Minaj?

  • Christian De Leon Robledo

    ratchet… so i guess this song is about Nicki Minaj…