Ryan Murphy Shows Off A Photo Of His Newborn Son Logan Phineas


On Xmas Eve, producer Ryan Murphy announced to family and friends that he and husband David Miller became the proud new parents of a baby son they named Logan Phineas. A couple of days later, the rest of the world found out. Today we get our first look at little Logan in a just-released photo of the little dude. As a special New Year’s Day treat for his followers on Twitter, Murphy shared the first photo of his week old son … who you can meet below.

Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes. Logan is one week old and doing great. Happy new year!

What a little cutie! He looks just like his father Ryan Murphy, don’t he? We don’t know how Logan Phineas was conceived but based on this first look at the little guy, I’d deffo say that Ryan is the biological father … not that that matters one bit. Let’s send our love and congrats to the newly extended family on their littlest addition. So cute, right?


  • nicole

    oh hes cute!

  • Karen

    Ha! My first thought was, “He looks exactly like Ryan!” And my second thought was, “I have no idea if he’s Ryan’s biological kid.” And then I read what you wrote.