Rihanna & Michael Bolton Really Love One Another


It started out simply if surprisingly enough … Rihanna posted a photo on her official Twitter profile of singer Michael Bolton, referring to him as a “legend”. Bolton, in turn, tweeted back his admiration for RiRi on his official Twitter profile and … a love affair was born. I honestly cannot think of two more unlikely BFFs than Rihanna and Michael Bolton but they really do seem to lurve one another … like, for real. Click below to read some of their tweets and marvel & wonder at this fairly odd pairing.

This man will forever be a legend in my eyes #MichealBolton / @rihanna Ur a truly powerful artist with a distinct voice that I love, and the rare kind who will have a great long career. Your fan, Mb / My heart fell to the floor!!! #1love / #biggestfan

I mean … whut? Hahahahaha. Ok then.

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  • Vancouverite

    Artists like Michael Bolton and Celine Dion have a very loyal fan base in many of the Caribbean islands. It’s not surprising that Rhianna would consider him a legend. In fact, Michael Bolton performed at the St. Lucia Jazz festival, to rave reviews a few years back. Older country music stars like Dolly Parton and others are also pretty popular.

    • @Vancouverite — Interesting. I never knew that.

  • Lauren xx

    So… can I get a RiRi/Bolton mashup please? I’m sure it could somehow work, and it would be DAMN interesting.

  • Devonte

    Omg! A Rihanna and Michael Bolton duet!…lol

  • Julia

    Hope it is a joke….
    I can’t believe it!