‘Real World’ Melissa Announces The Birth Of Her Second Child


Congratulations and SO MUCH LOVE goes out to Real World: New Orleans alum Melissa Beck (formerly Melissa Howard) and her husband Justin Beck because the happy couple welcomed the birth of their second child on New Year’s Day!! As you may recall, my dear dear friend Melissa gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Shalom Mazie, back in March of 2009 … and yesterday, she brought forth into the world a second daughter the couple have named Maja Ilani. I cannot EVEN tell you how insanely happy I am for the Beck family on their newest member. Melissa, an avid tweeter, shared the happy news of her daughter’s birth on Twitter … check out some of her ecstatic tweets below.

Happy New Year. Happy New Baby. Maja Ilani born 01.01.13 at 3:43 pm. / The time! You know how much I love a palindrome. / It’s NOT pronounced MAYA. It’s a SZSH sounding J. And yes, I’m a lovesick fool for my husband. It’s an acronym for Melissa and Justin Always / My nurse’s name is MERCY! All these signs all around me. / My labor and delivery experience was 100 million times better this time around. I am so very happy. / She’s a little Lomi clone. And mellow. And tiny. 6 lbs 13 oz. / Shalom met her baby sister within an hour of her arrival and honestly, that just took me over the edge. She loves her so much. / That feeling was just … / Thank you everyone. Y’all are so very lovely. Thank you for letting me share this happiness.

Melissa has to be one of my most favorite people in the world. Her intelligence and humor are only matched by her incredible beauty and strength of will. She is a fierce and loving mother and wife, a woman who I absolutely respect, admire and love. I am so happy for Melissa, I can’t even tell you. The birth of her first daughter wasn’t an easy one and I know Melissa was a bit worried about this second labor but I am happy to report that she experienced a very easy birth this second time around. New Year, New Baby, LOTS of Love and Joy for the Beck family! Please join me in spending all our love and congrats to the Becks today :) Woot!!


  • EAW

    LOVED her on RW…she was beautiful, hilarious and seemed like a great friend and fun person to hang out with. Congrats!

  • EB

    I loved her on real world and now she is one of my favorite people on twitter to follow. She’s crazy funny! It makes a lot of sense that you guys would be friends.:) Congrats, Melissa!

  • kendra

    I LOVE this girl! I’ve been reading her rants and stories since Princess Melissa days..She never fails to entertain and is almost always speaking my thoughts! I was so excited when she mentioned that she was leaking New Year’s morning and then the announcement of the new addition made my day..She has such love for her family and I can’t wait to hear her newest gushings for what I’m sure is another beautiful little girl..

  • Joan

    Yay, congratulations to the happy family! Anyone with a witty bone in their body appreciates Melissa. She’s hilarious.

  • Dezden

    Awww… love it. She’s fabulous on Twitter. I remember her Princess Melissa blog. (Does anyone remember Colin’s World?? What happened to Colin from RW: Hawaii??) What a cute family!!!