Madonna Takes The Family On Their Annual Ski Trip To Switzerland


For the past couple of years, Madonna has whisked away her family to slopes of Gaastad, Switzerland for an annual year end holiday and this year was no exception. Maddy and her kids were spotted skiing and snowboarding up a storm in the past week or so. As you can see below, Madonna had a bit of trouble staying upright on her skis … but her daughters Lourdes Maria and Chifundo Mercy James seemed to have no problem with their snowboard and skis. It looks like the family had a lot of fun … well, except for Madge who didn’t look like she was having that much fun at all.

She is used to performing energetic dance moves on stage and is incredibly fit but it seems that skiing is something Madonna has not quite mastered. The 54-year-old singer was seen falling over on the piste, as she spent an afternoon with her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat in Gstaad, Switzerland. Madonna was seen lying face down on the show with her legs splayed out behind her and her skis off. Her 25-year-old boyfriend looked on as she struggled to stay upright on the piste. And as she lay on the cold surface Madonna’s patience for the sport appeared to be running out as she seemed to have a frustrated look on her face. Madonna attempted to keep a low profile in an all black outfit, a helmet and a balaclava that left just her mouth area on show. The singer seemed a little shaky on her skis, despite having her boyfriend on hand to help her.
Madonna’s daughter Lourdes was also out on the mountain on Friday but she cut a much more confident figure as she rode her snowboard down the slopes. Lourdes, who turned 16 in October, showed off her skills a she breezed down the mountain.

Looking as cool as her surroundings, Lourdes, who turned 16 in October, showed off her skills a she breezed down the mountain.
Dressed in an all black ensemble wore her hair in long plaits as she spent the day practicing her snowboarding … But it was Madonna’s other daughter Mercy who also drew attention as she was shown how to ski. The cute youngster grinned widely as she made her way down the snow, laughing as she got used to the skis … Mercy stood out thanks to her vibrant outfit, consisting of bright blue salopette trousers and a purple coat.
Of course wearing the correct safety equipment such as a helmet, the whole family seemed to be enjoying seeing the end of 2012 in the ski resort.

LOL. These are great photos. It’s so fun to see Madonna lookin’ so unsure of herself on the slopes. We are used to seeing her as a powerful and opposing figure on the concert stage so it’s a nice treat to see her humanized as a mere mortal having difficulty skiing. It’s also fun to see her daughters looking so well. Mercy is just the cutest … and she just keeps getting so big! After the long and bizzy year that Madonna endured last year, I’m thinking she may take some time off in 2013 to recuperate a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if Maddy spends as much time on holiday with her children before they have to return to school … tho, I also wouldn’t be surprised if the family decides to extend their vacation a bit in a more tropical locale ;)

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • Brent

    Yay for Madonna. I’m gonna watch Papa Don’t Preach on YouTube lol.

  • Karen

    Love Mercy’s smile! So cute.

  • Dominic

    Yeah, so Lourdes and Mercy never fell down once, and Madonna fell down constantly, give me a break. Wow how perceptive, what a corny posting sounds like Hollywoodlife.

    • @Dominic — “what a corny posting sounds like Hollywoodlife.”

      OUCH! I certainly hope that isn’t true. I thought it was kinda humorous :)