Lindsay Lohan Evicted From Her Hollywood Home While She Parties In London


Despite the fact that Lindsay Lohan said that she had no intention on “partying” on New Year’s Eve, Lindsay was spotted out and about in London on NYE looking very much like she had enjoyed a long night of partying. L. Lo was photographed spilling into a waiting car at around 4AM in the wee hours of New Year’s Day so, yeah, I think it’s safe to assume that Lindsay did NOT stay at home like she said she would. BUT, while Lindsay was bizzy doing whatever it is that she did in London, she was getting evicted from her Hollywood Hills home back here in the US. HMMM. Thus far, it doesn’t really sound like Lindsay is having a much different 2013 than her 2012 was :/

She vowed that she was going to have a low-key New Year’s Eve, having a quiet dinner with friends. But it seems that Lindsay Lohan’s good intentions didn’t stretch to New Year’s Day as she partied into the early hours of Wednesday morning, returning to her London hotel with a mystery man in tow. Although she was rumoured to have been dating The Wanted’s Max George, it seems that Lindsay was more interested in meeting new people as she left Boujis at 3.30am with a new friend. Trying to keep a low profile, the flame-haired party girl hopped into a taxi on her own as she left the Kensington club, but the floppy-haired man who she’d been spotted chatting to arrived at her hotel just moments after she did … In a strange twist to her look, Lindsay added a striped furry hat that she pulled down over her mop of poker straight red hair as she made her way out of the club. Perhaps in a bid to rehydrate before the night was out, the Liz & Dick star carried two small bottles of mineral water as she jumped into the car and whizzed home.

Meanwhile, back in LA …

After reports that the spiraling actress was doing all she could to pay her $8,000-a-month rent on her latest Beverly Hills pad, we can now confirm that the actress was actually evicted from that house. A source that was scoping the nearby market tells Hollyscoop exclusively that their real estate agent let the news slip on a recent outing. “I went house hunting in Beverly Hills and the realtor told me that she was shown a house and the realtor said that it was Lindsay’s last home,” the source says. “She had just recently left because she could no longer afford it” … She began living in the mansion in February of 2012, around the time when she appeared to be back on her game, scoring roles in Lifetime’s reeking opus Liz & Dick, The Canyons, and an appearance in Scary Movie 5. But, by the end of the year, the funds from those paychecks somehow appeared to be drying up … In December, as we previously reported, Lindsay’s bank account was seized by the IRS due to a $233,904 tax debt. The desperate cries of Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, seem to only back reports of the money woes: “Lindsay is losing all her belongings, with no resurrection of her career in sight,” Michael tells Hollyscoop exclusively. LiLo’s dad is fuming at how his daughter’s situation has escalated, which he blames on—you guessed it—her sponging mother. “Maybe instead of checking into hotels and night clubs in London, mommy dearest and daughter should have checked into rehab together,” he says. “Lindsay is in for a rude awakening when she goes to court, but I still pray she goes to rehab, not jail!”

You may recall that we learned that Lindsay’s Hollywood Hills home would be featured on this week’s episode of Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo and, in fact, the episode did air last night. Considering all the things we’ve been hearing about Lindsay’s dwindling bank accounts and ill spent funds, it’s no wonder that that she can no longer afford to live in that beautiful home. I guess we now know why she decided to flee LA for NYC and then London for the past few weeks, cuz she no longer had a home to live in here in LA. I guess the silver lining here is that Lindsay, thus far, has managed to avoid getting into any new legal trouble while in London. With the numerous criminal charges still hanging over her head here in the States, she should be grateful for small miracles. It remains to be seen what Lindsay will do once she eventually returns home to LA. Depending on whether or not the judge decides to toss her in jail for violating her probation, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what her living accommodations will be.

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  • Heather

    she’s at the end of her lease, that’s hardly an eviction and by the way those pics are from before new years not after.

  • Lauri

    Hey! I’m glad she ‘had a car waiting,’ instead of driving home after whatever shenanigans. That’s good, at least.

  • Nina Papas

    Wow shame on you, you used to be a nice blogger. Lindsay wasnt evicted, DO SOME CHECKING, her lease is up and she moved to NY. Her lease was up this month. It easy to check. Also she had a nice NYE celebration at the Dorcester hotel, just check the tweet pics people posted with her, she was very beautiful and sober. These pics are from the day before and again if you care to see all the pics, she was fine, she walked to her car and she didnt drink. Shame on you, if i remember you used to be her friend.

    • @Nina Papas — I’m not sure what was “not nice” about what I wrote. If she moved into the home in February then she still has a couple of months left on the lease. Considering her financial woes, it’s obvious she couldn’t afford the rent, therefore, couldn’t finish out the full term of her lease. As you say, she celebrated NYE at the Dorchester even tho she said she would be “staying in”. I never said she wasn’t “beautiful” and “sober” nor did I say she was not “fine”. Never once did I imply that she drank alcohol. Having met Lindsay a few times, I would never say we were friends … but despite what you seem to believe, I do have some semblance of care for the poor girl’s well-being.

    • Nina Papas

      Please save me the whole poor girl deal. Thats the hotel she was staying, what did you expect her to do stay in her room? She leased that place in January and moved in February, she moved to NY since November and she was still paying the rent of that home, you do know you just cant break a lease so easily, so she continued to pay until the lease was up. As for her financial woes, again shame on you that you would write about her father the abuser and how he cries about the money LL is losing, Thats all he cares about. He abused Lindsay and Dina in the worst way. No wonder she left LA. That place was her fall. Fake friends and fake people.

    • @Nina Papas — I can appreciate your staunch support of dear Lindsay but let’s be real, her pitiful life is no fault of anyone but her own. Yes, she has terrible parents and yes, they deserve some of the blame. But Lindsay Lohan is an adult who refuses to admit her addictions and is unwilling to make things better for herself. She is a convicted criminal who continues to commit crimes and until she is punished properly, she will never learn her lesson. You can root for her all you want but until she takes responsibility for her actions and makes serious changes in her life, he will continue to spiral downward into even more pitiful depths of patheticness.

    • Joanna

      Amen Trent! AMEN!

    • Jax Medina

      This news is no surprise. Lindsay is a hot mess who doesn’t learn from her mistakes.

    • Nina Papas

      He? I thought Lindsay was a she? By the way her rep did confirm just now to a blog that cared to ask that indeed she moved to NY and her lease was up and suprise/suprise she paid everything and she wasnt convicted. As for the rest of your post, Lindsay is an addict, and she has every right to face her addiction in privacy and doesnt have to apologize to you or me or anyone, because its her life and her mistakes. You call her pityful life? Seriously? She is 26 and already achieved so many things that you or I never will. She can leave this industry and never come back and still she has worked more in her life than many people. Yeah i admire her, she is an addict getting bullied and attacked daily, with false and lying stories, as yours today. You dont even bother to correct your lies. Yet she has the power to get up everytime she falls. She is struggling with so many things against her, abusive parents and the world press against her. You laughable reporters who use her as punching bag for your lying stories. Finally she left LA behind and if its true what i hear, she is planning to leave acting all together. You can thank the untaleneted Samantha Ronsons and Nicole Richies of this world who saw a sensitive soul and used her and abused till she was in a bad shape and then dropped her. Lindsay finally sees the light and i think she is gonna make yeah us few fans she has left proud. Keep on bulling addicts. But really what can i say for a country that forgives woman beaters.

    • Nina Papas

      And i must say i am very suprised at how angry and full of hate you sound, She arrived in LA at 17, she was living alone without any parental supervision, she fell into that Samantha Ronson/Nicole Richie drugs crowd, people so much older than her. Your post is so hateful i regret i even tried to correct the lies in your article about her being evicted. Seriously i hope she reads this kind of blogs, to see that it doesnt worth it. So much hate for what? She didnt hurt anyone but herself.

    • @Nina Papas — I’m not sure I understand where you see “hate” anywhere in this post but then again, a person who seems to champion Lindsay’s behavior in the way that you do appears to see what they want to see. I’m sure I have no idea what Samantha Ronson or Nicole Richie have to do with anything. Both women are very successful in their own right, they each maintain stable and loving relationships and have managed to stay completely out of trouble since about the time they stopped hanging around people like, for example, Lohan.

    • Nina Papas

      I didnt champion any behavior. I said she is an addict. Instead of bullying her to death oh whatever. Sorry but i see nothing successful to two people who are using and have the means to hide their addictions while they are bullying others.
      Unfortunately LL doesnt have that power and she is too open as a person and cant hide her faults. Or may i say too human. I think leaving these people behind and now leaving LA is the best moves she has done in a long time. I root for her yeah. Where exactly NR and SR are successful? Poor Sam is crying her heart out because she is the loser of her family, her brother is getting her gigs now because she cant get any decent work, she had an album out and had zero sales and she is a junkie since she was a teenager she just hides behind her family, read the London Times for once you can find the truth there, and Nicole? Seriously? Whatever. Done for tonight. Go LINDSAY.

    • @Nina Papas — “Poor Sam is crying her heart out because she is the loser of her family, her brother is getting her gigs now because she cant get any decent work, she had an album out and had zero sales and she is a junkie since she was a teenager she just hides behind her family”

      LOL!!! Who’s the bully now? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nina Papas

      oh and i may remind you, Sam had a DUI a year ago, she was 8 times up and had a bag full or prescribed drugs which she managed to excuse by using doctor prescriptions. Still wonder who hooked up LL with that? That incident happened years after she and Lindsay broke up. You good at defending your friend Sam. She used to post the link to your blog years ago,when she was using LL for money and gigs. Didnt see you calling out Sam back then for dragging Lindsay to bars night after night and just after rehab. Goodnight.

    • @Nina Papas — “Goodnight.”

      Goodnight, dear. Get some rest.

    • Krissy

      “No wonder she left LA. That place was her fall. Fake friends and fake people.”

      You can’t blame LA for her downfall. For example, LL was the one that lied to police about an accident while on probation for theft! 1. Don’t steal. 2. If you are on probation for stealing, don’t lie to the police!

      A true friend tells you when you are being an azz and gives the harsh truth instead of just making excuses. LL could certainly use more friends like Trent, but it seems she only cares for yes-men.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Nina Papas just HAS to be Lindsay or Dina’s alias.

    (Disclaimer: That was a JOKE poking fun at how Lindsay and Dina are always making up excuses for Lindsay’s behavior. I don’t actually think she is posting as Nina. Please don’t freak out.)

    • nicole

      @ClarieMichelle – that disclaimer is just great.

    • Leah

      Haha I was totally thinking the same thing

  • rOXy

    Lots of people who live in LA have survived unfortunate childhoods, but they don’t grow up to be selfish, entitled, criminal, drunk addicts like LiLo. Despite having crappy parents, she had a childhood the rest of us can only dream of. I will not race to her defense because she is soley responsible for her troubles. She has an ace attorney who has managed to allow her to skirt her sentences, and that is doing a disservice to her and to society. She is a MESS. She LIES. We can’t believe a single word she says. She thinks laws are for everyone but her. Should we give her a medal for being sober on NYE? Pish! I think not! Lots of former addicts were sober on NYE, but they aren’t being written up in the news. Her talent did not grow up with her, and in my opinion, she is absolutely dysfunctional and I would be happy for the day I never have to hear about her or any of her trainwrecks again. She doesn’t deserve what she has. She needs to learn that to be “like everybody else” is something she should aspire to, for she is in no way above them. This may sound harsh, but I take offense to someone coming on here and dissing the blogger and this post in defense of a slag like LiLo. Obvs, this is someone who is involved in LiLo’s dyfunctional reality, and they should think about extraction themselves from that and getting help.

    • Nina Papas

      Yet all of you care to read and post about her lol. Keep crying and shaking. Finally she left LA and the people who hurt her the most behind.,

    • rOXy

      I post the truth because it needs to counter your delusion – it sounds as though your grip on reality is as loose as Dina’s. You may say she left everyone behind, but NY isn’t her scene, and she will be spit out like yesterday’s gum. She will make a liar out of you because she will be back in LA inside of 3 months. She won’t be able to stay away, although I wish she would.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    bonus points to her for keeping her legs closed in the car!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Holy moly. I can’t even. This post has gotten out of hand with all of these delusions. Lindsay puts herself in the limelight all the time, so her mistakes are going to be commented on, especially since she takes no responsibility for anything. If she doesn’t want people talking about her then she should move off the grid – the midwest has zero papz, LiLo! – and give up all of the attention. Until then, I will watch this train wreck scared of where it might eventually end.

  • Ben@pr

    God is this “Dina Papas” really Lyndsay’s mother? Because she sounds as delusional as her. Dina you are in the wrong blog to start fights with Trent and the readers. If I was Trent I would block you.

  • c-word

    “I guess the silver lining here is that Lindsay, thus far, has managed to avoid getting into any new legal trouble while in London” – well, it IS only the 2nd of the january… she has plenty of time to expand her legal troubles to another country ;)

  • purple

    i do remember when lindsay and nicole richie started hanging out. thats when lindsay got bone thin and anorexic looking from nicole richies coke stash!!!!