Listen: Azealia Banks Releases A New Song Titled ‘BBD’


Just a few days after we heard from rapper Azealia Banks about how “tacky” rap music is, homegirl goes and drops a new song on us. Last night, right around the time that New Year’s Eve was starting up, Azealia released a song titled BBD for our listening pleasure. According to the rapper, BBD is NOT the first single from her forthcoming debut album Broke with Expensive Taste. In a series of tweets, she reveals the title of her soon-to-be released first official album single and then she unveiled the lyrics to this just-released freebie. Click below to listen to BBD and see what you think.

NEW MUSIC: “BBD” – AZEALIA BANKS Prod. By Apple Juice Kid & Sup Doodle / “BBD” is NOT the first official single from “Broke With Expensive Taste”.. / The first OFFICIAL single from “Broke With Expensive Taste” is called “MISS AMOR” and its coming with a B side called “MISS CAMARADERIE” / Y’all know i love dropping songs tho! lol :-D

Let me get that,
Let me get that oooh,
I get it when I get that ooh,
I spend it when I whip that
Flossin’ on them haters,
It’s that boss – the bitch, that caker.
Trick dad’s born to tip that shaker,
He’s forfeiting all that paper,
Niggas coughing off that 8th of-
I wanna hit them vapors,
It’s that sporty bitch that game ‘em,
They calling me super sega – hit that
I’m just really out here livin
Something like the new edition
They say im poison what’s the difference ?
BBD – Michael Bivins
All my bad bitches do it
Bad bitches do it, (4x)
I’m just stuntin in stilettos,
Holla playa hello,
All them dusty bitches jello (jealous)
I’m rising, I split that ghetto…
It’s that time, look at that bezel
Dining with that cello,
Freaky finer china fellow,
He’s pumpin banana yellow – get that
Let me get that,
Let me get that oooooh.
When I spit that, ima spit that oooooh
When i hit that, lemme hit that ooooh
I get it when I get that oooooh
I spend it when I spend that oooh
I spend it when I get that oooh
Fine, feminine – I whip that woop
Dram-Drama? Niggas get that deuce.
Ram-bam-a-lamma flip that loot.
Gam champ – her jiggy jam on loop.
Damn fam, what ya man gon do?
I get it when I whip that woop
I spend it when I spend that loot
Wilding wit my bitches
I be stylin with my bitches,
Pretty eyes and long extensions- they smiling in all them pictures.
I be rising with my bitches,
Riding with my bitches,
We the finest of them bitches
We diamonds – it’s diamond district !
Get that ice nigga, ice nigga
Bitch wanna freeze like white winter.
She needs the g’s , that price went up
She need to see that bright shimmer
He wanna get that nice,
Wanna fit that slice, wanna see that spice simmer.
She want it with that white nigga…
Peachy-pinky-piped nigga
Be’s what it be’s “little breeze by the sea” -az, been about that life nigga.
Tits out with ya wife, nigga.
I’m bringing out the dyke in her.
XOXO fine scissor sister, 69 – whip that
I get it when i get that
I spend it when I whip that.
Let me get that,
Let me get that oooooh.
When I spit that, ima spit that oooooh
When i hit that, lemme hit that ooooh
I get it when I get that oooooh
I spend it when I spend that oooh

Honestly, I don’t think this song is tacky at all … I actually quite like this song. It’s unclear if BBD is an outtake that didn’t make the album or if it’s going to be released officially at some point but it’s a great song, I think. Azealia Banks is best when she focuses on her music and leaves her personal commentary offline. I’d rather hear great stuff her than read embarrassing interview quotes. The girl is talented, I can’t wait to hear what else she’s got in store for us. Her album is supposedly due out in February.

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  • JCZ

    Whilst it’s just ‘natural’ for male rappers to be immature, stupid, egotistic, often sexist (I can keep going…), I often expect, for some reason, female rappers to be the opposite, but it seems to not function in that way.

    I remember Trent posting 212 by A. Banks and I really thought (minus the C word, which doesn’t bother me) that she would be a game changer. Keeping the roots but having that mass appeal that someone like Missy was able to attain. But minus 1991, I haven’t felt wowed by her music and I’ve really been put off by her attitude that resembles too closely to other female rappers who mirror their male counterparts.

    I bet the Dixie Chicks are just thinking… ‘and they told US to shut up & sing?!’