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Watch: ‘The Bourne Legacy’ Releases A First Full Length Movie Trailer

"Will you give yourself to this program?"

Back in February we got our first look at the first teaser trailer for the forthcoming sequel/reboot film The Bourne Legacy. As you may know, Legacy picks up where the previous Bourne films left off … with Jeremy Renner as the new lead character. Today we get to check out the film’s first proper full length trailer and as you can see below, it would seem that this new Bourne film will be just as action-packed as ever. Check it out. More »

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David Beckham Chills With His Mum & Gran In London

(Grand)Mama's Boy

Just when you thought David Beckham couldn’t get any cuter, he goes and outdoes himself. For the past week or so, Becks has been in London, England taking care of his 2012 Summer Olympic Games duties … but in between all his work, he’s found the time to meet up and hang with members of his family … particularly his mother Sandra and his grandmother. Becks shared a couple of adorable photos of his mum and gran on his official Facebook profile … photos that you MUST check out below. More »

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Iron Patriot Surfaces On The Set Of ‘Iron Man 3′

Red, White & Brawn

Filming production on the forthcoming sequel film Iron Man 3 is underway and this week very spoilery photos have made their way to the Internets from the set of the film. It would appear that the character Iron Patriot will feature in the next Iron Man film and after paparazzi photos of character hit the Internets, Marvel decided to release a promo photo of their own … pretty much confirming the fact that Patriot will appear in the film. But, at this point, we have no idea in what capacity he will appear. HMMM. Check out what Iron Patriot will look like below and read more deets about the filming production of Iron Man 3. More »

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‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Gets A Sequel

First the Book, Then the Movie

Simon & Schuster publishing has announced today that author Lauren Weisberger is working on a sequel to her 2003 novel The Devil Wears Prada. As you may know, Devil was adapted very successfully to the big screen in 2006. Next April, 10 years after the original novel was released, Weisberger will release Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns. To this happy news, I say WOOT!!! More »

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A ‘Fraggle Rock’ Movie Is In The Works

Best/Worst News Ever?

In the wake of the successful reboot of The Muppets movie last year, it would seem that Hollywood has set its sights on another Henson puppets TV series to adapt for the big screen. Today we learn that plans are in the works for a Fraggle Rock movie. At this point, the studio has only hired writers to pen the film but it sounds like plans are seriously in the works to bring the Fraggles to movie theaters sometime soon. Is this great news … or, a really, really bad idea? More »

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Emma Stone Confirmed To Make A Cameo Appearance In ‘iCarly’

iEmma Is iCarly

EW has confirmed that Emma Stone will be making a cameo appearance in the final season of iCarly. The star of The Help will be making a guest appearance in the Nick comedy in an episode which will air later this year. iCarly may be winding down to come to an end this November but it’s got some more surprises in it still to come, this being one of them. What role is the lovely Emma playing? Read on to get some of the deets. More »

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Adam Sandler In Talks To Star Opposite Will Ferrell In ‘Three Mississippi’ Football Comedy

Funny Guys Gear Up

New York Magazine is today reporting that funny boys, Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell are in talks to star opposite one another in Three Mississippi, a comedy from the guys who have produced 30 Rock and Friends. We have been hearing lots about Will in relation to his work on the Anchorman sequel, but now it looks like we might have some more Ferrell in our lives. More »

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Garbage + ‘Nylon’ Magazine Rock LA

The TV Guide

Last night, Nylon magazine teamed up with Garbage to throw a party in honor of the release of their annual Music Issue, which features Shirley Manson on the cover. Darion and I were invited to attend the shindig and we had the best time EVER! Right from the start, I knew the night would be special when I was allowed to check out the Garbage soundcheck :) We met with a few friends and just rocked out with Garbage. I snapped a few photos and recorded some video, which you can check out below. More »

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Les News, 053112

Kathie Lee Apologizes, JC Penney Rules, Lana Del Rey's Debut Album Leaks

  • A California church is sorry that North Carolina churches are so hateful. [Buzzfeed]
  • Kathie Lee Gifford apologizes for her embarrassing moronity. [ONTD!]
  • Posh glams up, Becks dresses down. [PopSugar]
  • Mary-Kate Olsen is dating a much older Sarkozy. [GossipCop]
  • Southern Blues [Oh La La!]
  • JC Penney is awesome. [Towleroad]
  • UCLA gives a $54,000 scholarship to P. Diddy‘s son. [Newser]
  • Moneys & Synthesizers [Heavy]
  • Lana Del Rey‘s original debut album (as May Jailer) hits the Internets. [idolator]
  • Have you met Bebe Black? [arjanwrites]
  • Prometheus premieres in London. [Starpulse]
  • Prince Harry is looking for someone to have babies with. [LaineyGossip]
  • Colin Farrell is 36, Brooke Shields is 47, DMC of Run-DMC is 48, Corey Hart is 50 and Clint Eastwood is 82 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Watch: The SpaceX Dragon Capsule Returns To Earth

Mission: Accomplished

Early last week we watched as Space Exploration Technologies launched the world’s first privately owned rocket (SpaceX Falcon 9) into space on a mission to deliver Space Capsule Dragon to the International Space Station. A few days later, we watched as Dragon successfully attached to the ISS to successfully deliver a cargo of much-needed supplies. Today we get to watch video of Dragon‘s return to Earth after a hugely successful and historic mission: accomplished. Check out the successful end of this amazing space mission below. More »

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