Watch: Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Zooey Deschanel Perform A Duet Of ‘What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?’


It’s about to get über-cute up in here! Earlier today we got to hear a rockin’ New Year’s Eve jam called Everything’s Gonna Be Better Next Year, and now we have another sweet track to bring in 2013. Although they recorded this a while back (thanks PITNBRS!), this is my first time seeing it, so I gotta share! Our favorite hot guy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and resident quirky cutie-pie Zooey Deschanel have teamed up to bring us their own rendition of What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? The original song (which is currently getting me kind of emotional) is a Nancy Wilson classic, but JGL and Zooey do just fine. Plus there’s the part where JGL is, like, singing [to me]. So yeah. Peep the video for more and go to HelloGiggles to read Zooey’s really sweet message about JGL; the two have been friends for over a decade and they’re ridiculously cute together.


  • Veronica

    Isn’t this the video they did last New Year’s Eve?

  • D-

    This is from last year, but it sure doesn’t get old. So precious.

    • @D- — Yes, it’s from last year but it’s still very cute and, really, we only get to hear this song once a year :D

  • Shannon

    Oh! I guess I’m late. But yeah, it’s hella cute. Hopefully y’all don’t mind reliving the cuteness :)

  • Aimee

    you’re a year behind – this video blew up last December, when it was reposted all over the place….

    • @Aimee — LOL, behind what? It’s a NYE song that should be shared every NYE :D

    • Ree

      I agree – what does it matter? they are totally adorbs and this song is a happy, new yearsy song that we should hear every year! :)

  • Kel

    Shannon’s too nice to say this but: people she states in the beginning of the post that she knows it is older but it is her first time seeing it! You CAN still appreciate something after it has gone viral and “everyone” has seen it. Love the song and the clip makes me smile so thanks Shannon! Happy New Year!

  • Jennifer Wilson

    ive never seen this video. so. thanks! cute!

  • Diana

    Apparently adding something ‘old’ to a gossip blog is like, THE BIGGEST FAUX PAS evurrr. D:

    People, holiday songs are meant to be each year! They don’t really EXPIRE, per se. This video will be relevant EVERY NEW YEAR’S EVE.

    ‘Nuff said. Thanks for sharing, Shannon! :)

  • Lauri

    I waited alllll month to post this, then forgot until I saw this post.

    So, thank you. :D

  • D Adama

    Disgustingly sweet…but i love it. Seeing this again makes me wonder why oh why they are not together. Have you seen their make out scene in Manic?…so so hawwwt ..

  • Nicole O’Brien

    This is a coupling I would TOTALLY get behind! Even if it took my beloved JGL off the market. ;)