Watch: Kanye West Announces He Is Having A Baby With His Girlfriend!!!! [UPDATE]


WHERE AM I? What planet am I on? WHO am I? Y’all. If you thought this year was going to slip quietly into the night, you were wrooooooong! Last night. Kanye West (who’s been doing some pretty ill ish on stage) announced… that he… is friggen having a baby with friggen Kim Kardashian. Do y’all have any idea how difficult it is to form the words to, like, report this madness?! Now y’all know this is the one anti-Kardashian site on the planet, but as a fan of Kanye, I have reported one story on this couple. And now I’m reporting one more. I know, it’s awkward. But it has to be said. KANYE WEST AND KIM KARDASHIAN WENT HALF ON A BABY! THAT-ISH-CRAY OF THE YEAR!!!!! Peep the video above and click inside for more.

First of all, shouts-out to MediaTakeout (with their semi-ratchet reporting style that I lurve), who has been reporting this ish for weeeks. Sadly, MTO gets a bad wrap for not confirming their stories, but I’m telling you! They had this one!

Now here’s what TMZ  has to say. I still have no words:

Kim Kardashian’s got a little Kanye in her — as in she’s pregnant with Kanye West’s baby … according to the rapper himself.

Yeezy dropped the baby bombshell on stage Sunday night in Atlantic City by simply asking the crowd, “Can we make some noise for my baby mama right quick?”

Kim Kardashian’s got a little Kanye in her — as in she’s pregnant with Kanye West’s baby … according to the rapper himself.

Yeezy dropped the baby bombshell on stage Sunday night in Atlantic City by simply asking the crowd, “Can we make some noise for my baby mama right quick?”

And apparently Kim had no idea that her babyfahvuh was planning on making the big announcement last night:

Kanye West’s on stage announcement that Kim Kardashian is pregnant was a total shock — to Kim Kardashian … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Kim, who were at the concert, tell us Kim had “no idea” Kanye was going to tell the world she’s knocked up. We’re told she and Kanye had not discussed announcing it — and, in fact, had planned to say nothing until she started showing.

According to our sources, Kanye was moved to blab on stage because Kim’s BFF and her mom were at the show — along with several of Kanye’s family members.

Kim didn’t seem to mind the surprise — we’re told she was crying tears of joy when Kanye revealed they’re expecting, and was especially moved because he did it during one of her fave songs … “Lost in the World.”

Okay, for those of you who cannot stand the Kardashians and/or this couple– I really hope you’ve just skipped past this post. It’s too early for all that hateration, lol!

I am over here, like, in a glass case of emotion. I haven’t watched the Kardashians in a while, but I definitely watched some episodes from last season… Kanye appeared on a few. I’m sorry! I don’t hate this couple! Y’all KNOW which couple I can’t gets withKimye is alright by me, lol! And yeah, no. I’m not sorry. I’m happy for these two maniacs!!!

Yes, they’re fame whores (like, Ye had to announce this right now?)! Yes, their child (a girl, I’m predicting) will be the most annoyingly spoiled human being on the planet! But c’moooooon! This is too crazy for me to NOT get excited about. And, as the love of my life pointed out, they’re both surrounded by people with babies (Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Kourtney and Scott, etc.) and I could tell that Kim was kinda gettin’ the itch. A lot of us get it; let’s not front!

And even though I knoooowwww the hateration is coming (and I know I’ll have to do my bump-watching far away from PITNB, lol), I have one word for everyone who questions the ability of a party person/morally questionable human being to transform into a good parent: SNOOKI.

That is all.

Congrats to the happy couple. I wish Kim and Kanye the best.

UPDATE: Here’s the official statement:

New Year, New Beginnings

It’s true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us. Looking forward to great new beginnings in 2013 and to starting a family. Happy New Year!!! Xo



  • Hannah

    My first thought reading this was I bet Kim is upset that she can’t now sell the pregnancy announcement. Kris will be furious.

    The other day on the radio there was a report that Kim was suffering from Morning sickness, yet her reps denied it and said it was the flu. My gut told me then I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an anouncement in the future.

    Personally I can’t hate on the Kardashians. Sure they ma have a lot off faults but they have turned their name into a multi million dollar franchise and that is no nothing.

    • Shannon

      Hannah, lmao! Kim (mainly Kris) probably is furious. My sig other was like ‘I just hope they don’t change him [Kanye],’ LOL. Here’s hoping they don’t have him on, like, People magazine when baby arrives ;)

  • Juneh

    A baby is a blessing! I know you don’t want any haters, but she makes herself so easy to despite. I find that she approaches things in life as disposable. Friends with Paris Hilton, she doens’t come with enough cameras, out of the window. A new handbag that seems to be ‘so last year’, out of the window. A husband that’s clearly sick of all the media-attention, out of the window. Dear Kim, this baby will not be disposable like one of your handsbags and I hope dearly you invest yourself in this child. Your child comes first, its health, education and personal enrichment are more important than the clothes they’re going to wear. (There, I tried my hardest not to sound like a bitch but I think I kinda failed haha)

    • Shannon

      Juneh, well said. I don’t think you failed at all, lol! And the truth is, none of us are prepared for how selfless we’ll have to become when we decide to be a good parent. I know I wasn’t, and these guys aren’t ready either. But here’s hoping Kim will learn the lesson of the glorious, non-disposable being :)

  • muchacha

    In a way that I can’t put my finger on, Kanye and Kim make a good match – call it a gut feeling. And yes, their child will be ridiculously spoiled. I hope they inherit Kanye’s musical gift, and then they can form a band with Blue.

    • Shannon

      muchacha, ‘and then they can form a band with Blue’ LOLOLOLOL! I love it!

  • LiQue

    May I remind everyone that this person is still married?! so much for the sanctity of marriage. now we will have Kim’s fairytale pregnancy and kim fairytale baby shower and Kim’s fairytale delivery. ugh another year filled with Kardashians, I use to remember a world when the only kardashian in it really meant something and really did something for a living.

    • Shannon

      LiQue, you’re so right about Kim being married. But ‘so much for the sanctity of marriage’??? Well, yeah. But surely Kimye’s pregnancy isn’t the first sign of de-sanctification of marriage, lol. Still, I hear you (and I felt similarly about Mila and Ashton); she’s definitely still married.

  • cmc

    Sooo, I’m the only one that thinks this is kind of cute? Look at that big, beaming smile on his face! Clearly that woman makes him really happy, and they’re taking their happiness and turning it into a family. There’s a *lot* to snark on with that woman, but being in a seemingly-healthy reasonably-private-for-her relationship and finding love and getting pregnant just isn’t something I’d consider a bad thing.

    Congrats to the happy couple.

    • Shannon

      cmc, NO you’re not alone! Out of respect for Trent, I gotta cross that girl’s name out but I actually think these two are fine, just fine. It’s easy to hate on (or just plane hate) Kim and I def don’t have any illusions about how she came into her celebrity or whatever. But ultimately, I’m excited about this news.

  • Sandy!

    Now Kanye has a “big booty ho” to deal with for the rest of his life lol
    I can get with this. You know, Kim gets on my nerves, but it seems like she’s a lot more likeable with Kanye. Like, she’s toned it down a lot. I love Kimye. I think she’s finally found a man that gets her, but is still a man at the same time. i.e. She can’t walk all over him. You know Yeezy ain’t no punk lol. This baby is going to be SPOILED. I think they’ll be great parents. I think she’ll surprise us in a Nicole Richie/Polizzi way.

    Did I really just write a paragraph about Kim Kardashian? I need to go back to bed

    • Shannon

      Sandy! ‘Did I really just write a paragraph about Kim Kardashian?’ LOL, I know the feeling. But I agree– individually, these two are, like, too much… lol. But together they seem to work :)

    • Ava

      TOTALLY AGREE. I think she’s finally found a man that gets her, but is still a man at the same time. i.e. She can’t walk all over him.

  • Ben@pr

    Please Shannon, for the sake of all the readers in this site whom could care less about the K clan I hope to don’t see every detail of this pregnancy on this blog. We all know they all are going to pimp that pregnancy like there’s no tomorrow. As you stated this is the only anti-K clan blog on the planet and I RESPECT that.

    • Shannon

      Ben@pr, you missed the part in the post where I wrote ‘I know I’ll have to do my bump-watching far away from PITNB’ :) I RESPECT the blog too, and didn’t post this without the ‘OK’ from Trent first. Don’t worry, PITNB remains in tact!

    • Ben@pr

      I didn’t read that part because I didn’t read the post in its entirety. Thank Trent PITNB remains intact because it is my refuge to avoid all things K clan related. Shannon you are one of my favorites bloggers and sorry if I sounded a little bit grumpy ; )

    • Shannon

      Ben@pr, I know you have lurve for me! LOL! And I love the traditions you all have on the blog. Any news I post will really be Kanye-related, if anything :)

  • Samantha

    I read about this morning and I was like wait…but isn’t she still married? I wonder if there is going to be another wedding/baby special. lol

    • Shannon

      Samantha, I really really really hope there won’t be another wedding/baby special. I love Kanye… and while I like Kim… I don’t want to see him become a Kardashian in THAT way. LMAO. But damn! They got Lamar, so I don’t know!

  • Tamara

    OMG I saw this on Facebook then had to come over here to confirm the news was true. As much as I’d really like to hate on both of them (honestly I probably have more love for Kim than Kanye, and that’s saying something because both of them get under my skin) it does actually seem like they are in love. And there are worse things in the world than conceiving a child with someone that you love and who loves you in return. Maybe a child will help both of them grow up a little bit, and just maybe, maybe stop the fame-whoring among them. Or least reduce it by 10%, I don’ts know.

    BTW Shannon, I’ve been following your posts over here for the last few months, and girl you’re cracking me up! I about choked on my vitamin water when you said “WENT HALF ON A BABY!” Hahahaha! Nice work.

    • Shannon

      Tamara, thanks for this! And yeah, there was really no other way to put it. If I wasn’t so anti- R. Kelly I’d have posted that video, lmao!

  • Damn … the Mayans were right after all. Well played, well played :/

    • Iris B

      LMAOOOOO. I had to erase it on Twitter before I get hurt, but I did say this child may be some sort of legend that I shall not named, to be the demise of the human race. *Cough* But babies are to be celebrated. I think Kanye would be a cool ass dad. He’s wanted to for so long. Kim -hooodddddy hoooo. I’m sure she’ll be fine. :D :D

    • @Iris B — I can’t lie, I’m excited by the thought of Kanye as a dad. That is all. The babymama part, I could give a damn about.

    • Shannon

      Trent, LMAO! I kinda thought about that too ;)

    • Iris B

      @Trent and @Shannon – this will be fun watching him as a parent! I remember the song, “Welcome to Heartbreak” and how he mentioned not having kids twice and marked it as a failure. A little girl that he can dress up will be the cutest.

  • Lacey

    18 years Kanye….18 years.

    Nothing like conceiving a child out of publicity! Well played Kardashians.

    • Shannon

      Lacey, yeah I know a lot of people will interpret it this way, but I def don’t think Kim got pregnant by her boyfriend ‘out of publicity.’ I’m sure she won’t MIND the publicity, but I don’t think that’s what it’s about.

    • Krissy

      Shannon, I didn’t think she would get married just for publicity either, but she proved me wrong. Now I don’t put anything past her.

    • Shannon

      Krissy, I hear you. But I’m one of a few people who actually think she didn’t get married solely for publicity. I THINK she knew she didn’t want to marry Kris when she walked down that aisle, but she did anyway. The f’d up part was that she made it a public, media event. Otherwise, I don’t think her marriage was any more of a sham than a lot of celebrity marriages. Hell, lots of people walk down the aisle knowing deep inside that they’re making a mistake, and feeling like it’s too late to back out of it. I also think her mom had a lot to do with it, and Kim pretty much does whatever her mom tells her to. But that’s just my theory! And I don’t think Kim is an innocent. I just think she really has been in love with the guys we’ve seen her with.

    • nicole

      @Lacey – every line of that song popped in my head when i heard the news lol

  • Ella

    Wow….Not gonna lie, I’m interested to see what the baby will look like! Either insanely cute or….not so much. Hopefully becoming parents will make them both less obnoxious.

    • Shannon

      Ella, LMAO at ‘Either insanely cute or….not so much.’ Yeah. It’s pretty much one or the other.

  • Ashley P

    Ok, so yea we are all sick of the Kardashians. But I bet the people who say they don’t want another year of Keeping up with the Kardashians, will keep up them! Heck, I do it! It is just a guilty pleasure. I have to say they did a very good job of keeping it mum. I mean seriously, this came out of left field! Anyways, congrats to them! Now it seriously is time for Khole to get knocked up. She is about the only one I can stand and wish she’d have a baby already.

    • Shannon

      Ashley P, Khloe would make a great Mom I think. Hope it happens for her :)

  • apriljan

    I was more excited about Roselifah.

    However, I’m excited to see Kanye in their INSANE holiday pictures though. Holidays 2013 y’all!!!

    But like I said before, hooray for babies!

    • Shannon

      apriljan, How funny is it that Kanye and Amber are pregnant together, lol? I’m not ready to see Ye in those Holiday pics… but you’re probably right. It’s coming!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Okay, the official statement talking about his mom and her dad totally got to me. I hope everything goes well for them even though I’m not a fan. He will make a cute dad and from what I’ve watched of Keeping Up Kim seems to have been aching for a baby so I’m happy for her too. No hate.

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, yeah that part for me too. I think people forget how much they have in common. Kanye was def a Momma’s boy and Kim (like her sisters) was totally obsessed with her Dad. Hopefully they can create the family they want to have.

  • Joanna

    I kinda knew something was up when I recently saw some of Kim’s trademark *ahem* “assets” looking a little fuller than they have in the past. @Trent I agree with you. Kayne is going to be an awesome dad, but Kim I could care less about in general. This baby will, though, be spoiled beyond belief and I do hope he or she becomes best friends with Blue Ivy. How awesome would that be?

    • Shannon

      Joanna, those first Blue Ivy/Baby Kimye playdate pics are gonna be epic, lol!

  • LiQue

    i feel sorry for khloe though. of all this bunch, she’s the only one really wanting to have a child….

    • Sandy!

      I thought that too! The spawn of Khlamar shall come soon.

    • nicole

      @LiQue – i agree! i was hoping she would be the next one with the baby news in that family.

    • Kelly

      me too! khole is my favorite! her and lamar have been wanting a baby. i hope hope hope that she gets one!

  • Lynne

    Now that Kim is pregnant, I hope that her ex husband will just get on with the divorce settlement or that she’ll get on with an annulment (he wants one).

    And that baby will be one STYLIN’ baby with its Louie V backpack, shutter shades and teddy bears.

    • Shannon

      Lynne, I forgot about Kanye’s teddy bears, lol! All that album art will finally come full circle.

  • nicole

    so at first i was like..”really?” i mean, clearly Kanye loves her, the man has never looked so happy..but i thought he would atleast wait for the divorce papers to be signed. and i kind of wondered what the furture hold for these too because Kanye for the most part is very private, and you know Kim will want that baby front & center.
    im only interested in this for 2 reasons. 1)because i think Kanye will make an amazing dad and 2) because i cant picture kim pregnant at all..and im kind of interesting in see it.

    • Sandy!

      Right?? Is anyone else wondering how much bigger her butt is going to get?

      No one? Yeah, me neither…

    • Shannon

      Sandy! you’re not alone. It’s gonna be all kinds of epic, lol!

  • Brent

    Go Kim! Now your front will match the back. :-) Seriously tho, congrats to them. I do see lots of specials being aired, however. Kim goes to the Gyno, Kim takes a Birthing Class, Kris Goes on Ellen to try and Grab More Attention By Discussing Kim’s Pregnancy.

    • Shannon

      Brent, ‘now your front will match the back’ LOLOLOLOL! I CAN’T!

  • Tania Quinn

    If they are happy, then so be it. At least have the decency of getting a divorce before you get pregnant or before you birth the baby. If Kim is still married to Kris by the time the baby is born, the baby is legally his in some states. That means he’ll have to pay child support. I hope she does the right thing and gets a divorce PRONTO! It bothers me when people start dating someone when they are still married. It bothers me even more when they bring a baby into the situation. I say this as a married person who gets pissed off at people who abuse the sanctity of marriage. End rant!

    • emily

      @Tania – I’ve read it’s been a contentious divorce – I’m wondering if Kris will demand big $$$ now because she NEEEEDS this divorce from him stat?

    • Shannon

      Tania Quinn, I agree. It’s definitely time to wrap that whole project up. Unfortunately, I wonder if Kim having the baby will further complicate things. Not sure how it works, but like emily said, it’s already been this whole big thing.

  • Tru U

    I think the Mayan’s were a little to early with the prediction of the end of the world. This has to be the first sign it’s coming right? Now Kim won’t fade into oblivion like her former friend Paris Hilton with this baby.

    • Shannon

      Tru U, I don’t know about the Paris Hilton comparison. Kim, from what I could tell, wasn’t about to fade into oblivion. But yeah, this news sure helps her stay in the limelight, just as it would with any celeb.

  • emily

    Shannon! I just heard about this and thought, “Trent would never cover this, but Shannon might. I have to see what she says.” OMG, and you have my thoughts exactly.

    They’ve known each other for over 10 years, and always seemed to flirt on the shows. I actually believe they are a good pairing, but quite hate myself for thinking that. But that’s wrong, because everyone deserves happiness, even she who shall not be named. I’ve loved his music for years, so as a fan I’m happy to hear he’s a dad, something he’s talked about in his songs.

    Ugh, but it will be sooooo spoiled and wreak havoc on this Earth.

    I’m calling it – Mamma Jenner, who is seething about not being able to control this or sell the story, will demand a shotgun wedding. It will be “small and intimate and filled with our closest family and friends.” No pictures will be sold, though they will sell stories of the baby. That is all.

    • Shannon

      emily, ‘but it will be sooooo spoiled and wreak havoc on this Earth.’ LMAO! Well, yeah. Most likely. And it’s too bad Kanye’s mom isn’t here because a few summers with her and the baby might have at least been whipped into shape a bit. We all need that one grandma… lol.

      But yeah, ultimately I really do think it could be a good thing for both of them. You’d really only know that if you watched the show and saw all those early awkward interactions between them when they were just friends and both dating other people. It was really cute. And the fact that he appeared on the show a few times since they’ve been dating… and still looked really uncomfortable? I think that’s a good sign. As nicole said, he’s a private guy (even if he can act a little off-the-chain in public) and that balance might be good.

  • Kelly

    i think kim and kanye are perfect together. i think they each are the only other human that could put up with the other. i don’t hate kim, kanye is different (after his weird jerk behavior at the VMAs), but i agree with the earlier commenter that something about them just fits. my bet is that these two are for real.

  • swifty_fan

    now if Taylor swift would walk in during the birth and say “yo kim, i’m really happy for you and imma gonna let you finish but Beyonce was the best pregnancy of all time..of all time” .

    (sorry but that was one of the best speeches ever)

    • emily

      Swifty_fan for the WIN! OMG, I’m dying.

    • Shannon

      swifty_fan, LOLOLOLOLOL. YES, I love it!

  • Joan

    I go away for two days AND THIS HAPPENS!!?!?! I didn’t think I actually cared until I read the headline and went all WTFing over here. This news is as surreal to me as the existence of both of the people involved with it. LOL! Crazy.

  • Anne

    Oh lawd, that child will have the worlds biggest ego… and booty.