Jessica Simpson Shows Off A Serious Baby Bump While On Vacation


When I saw this picture last night I thought this photo was gonna be the biggest baby news of the day. But not so. Still, Jessica Simpson’s second bump watch just got real official! The other day she shared a pic of herself in Hawaii and we were all distracted by a bump of a um… different sort, lol. But today it’s all about the baby bump! Click inside for more!

Jessica is ‘Bumpin And Proud’:

E! has the story:

There it is!

After seeing Jessica Simpson enjoy somequality time with her hubby-to-be Eric Johnson on the beach—and show off hercurves—the singer has finally ditched the tunics and decided to share a photo of her growing baby bump during her vacation in Hawaii.

Skipping her signature cowboy hat, Simpson posed for a selfie mirror pic in her bikini to show off her bundle of joy.

Jess wrote on Twitter, “Bumpin’ and Proud!”

Simpson revealed her second pregnancy on Christmas Day through a photo onTwitter of her daughter Maxwell Drewsitting in a patch of sand with the words “Big Sis” written in it.

I’m totally having one of those ‘everyone is pregnant!’ moments, lol. Kimye. Channing Tatum and Jenna (who are too cute for words). Now Jessica. Shakira. Amber Rose and Wiz. Yeah, everyone!

How ’bout that baby bump on Jessica?! Homegirl’s looking welll into her second trimester, right? Like, 5-6 months-ish, right? Maybe this bump watch won’t be so long after all :) Oh, and yeah. Her other ‘bumps’ are lookin’ pretty official too, lol! Pregnancy/nursing boobs FTW!


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  • Ashley P

    It looks like she is about to pop!

  • smASH

    She is like a carnival show where you try to guess how pregnant she is and its a trap, because the last pregnancy I couldn’t guess anything close. I swear I thought she was just going to be pregnant forever. But she looks great whatever month she’s on and she’s rockin’ the kissy face!

  • Ama

    Don’t most women show faster in their second pregnancy then they did their first?

    I think that’s how it was with my friends who have had two kids-but that was awhile ago. She could be well into her pregnancy though(maybe they wanted to get past the first trimester before announcing it)

  • jessicamaybe

    It’s hard to say how far along she is as she just had a kid. I’m 27 weeks right now, and I swear, some days I have this tiny cute little bump, and other days it’s all out there, just begging for awkward comments. I had a gal the other week tell me I looked like I was going to ‘pop any minute.’ When I told her I had something like 15 weeks left, she actually asked my doctors were wrong on the due date. I had only gained 10 pounds so far!! It’s hard to say, based on the person’s size, body structure, and how the baby is currently positioned.

  • Nathan

    Love the stupid face she’s making too.