Britney Spears Confirms Work On Her NEXT ALBUM!


OMG WOOT! I know there is some other news going around today about Kanye West gettin’ some chick pregnant or some such nonsense but it is will the greatest of pleasure that I share with all y’all THE biggest news of the day … possibly of the year. Our dear Britney Spears has officially confirmed the forthcoming release of a new album … erm, in a kinda sorta way. As you may recall, we learned earlier this month that Britney has begun work on her 8th album and on her official Twitter profile yesterday, she commented officially on that work. When asked about the possibility of releasing a new album in 2013, Britney responded by saying that he is “really focused” on her music right now. Um, HELLO?! THAT’S SOME OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION RIGHT THERE!!!

Squeeeeee!!!!! There has been chatter going around from producers and songwriters lately claiming that various folks are working on new Britney Spears music (including THIS report that this time around, Britney may not be working with Dr. Luke and will, instead, be working with Pharrel as the executive album producer) but, until now, there hasn’t been a peep from Team Britney. I’m guessing that this Twitter confirmation is not only a signal to fans that she is working on the release of a new album (and, hopefully, tour) but since she is “really focused” on her music right now, she may be telling us that she isn’t focused on anything else … like being a judge/mentor on a TV show. HMMMM. I say, ditch The X Factor and focus squarely on a new album of 22 songs … then a concert tour. Yes, that is what I would LOVE to see happen in 2013 :D


  • Shannon

    Now that I’ve officially been converted by you and the readers… I’m pretty excited for this. ESPECIALLY if she ends up working with Pharrell!

  • Ashley P

    Yes, ditch X Factor and focus on your music Brit! I am sooo ready for a new Brit album!!

  • Mark

    I’m dying at your “22 songs” comment lol. I’m DYING for her to get the hell off that show and give me another master work of pop perfection.

    • @Mark — Well, with Deluxe Album versions and iTunes/Amazon exclusive tracks and Japanese bonus tracks … the final tracklisting could be north of 20 songs long :D

  • José Antonio Sánchez

    I agree on Britney ditching X Factor. Her music is far more interesting than her mentoring or judging comments on the show. All she said was “amazing”, “you moved me” or “I didn’t love it”…

  • RonRontb22

    This A-maZing news! So excited for new music from the Queen!

    And on another note although XFactor was not the best thing ever, I am so glad she did it because it def gave her a boost of confidence and broke her out of her timid shell.Which she has even admitted to. Not to mention it was great seeing her on a weekly bases. lol.

    • @RonRontb22 — “I am so glad she did it because it def gave her a boost of confidence and broke her out of her timid shell.Which she has even admitted to. Not to mention it was great seeing her on a weekly basis”

      Me too, I enjoyed her on the show … it was fun … it’s over, time for new music ;)

    • RonRontb22

      EXACTLY! My ears are ready for the awesomeness that is Britney Spears!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Ugh, I hope it comes out sooner rather than later!!

  • DJ

    Now that the year of Madonna is over (waaaaaaaah, no more shows), let the new year bring new Britney, bitch!! Now I have two things to look forward to in ’13… new Britney and the MDNA dvd.

    I think they need to do another song together! And then tour together! I think that could possibly be the most craziest awesome tour ever!


  • Amanda M

    thenn! thennnn!!!!!! work on some killer choreography for said tour and make everyone fall head over heels in lurve with your performances again because as much as i love love love my dear dear britney i can no longer defend the lip synching with the lack of performing.

  • Dezden


  • Ruby

    Let 2013 be the year of BRITNEY.
    Can not wait for a new album and hot Britney!!!