‘Vogue’ Magazine Names Karlie Kloss The Number One Model Of 2012


This year, a lot of models caught my eye. Joan Smalls has been amazing, Michella Cruz rocked my world with one photo shoot, and I officially got caught up in the two decade-long Kate Moss hype. But Karlie Kloss had so many photo shoots that blew me away, it’d be hard to pick just one. Maybe, maybe it was that fantastical Parisian-themed spread for W Magazine, but don’t hold me to that. Vogue Magazine just named the 20 year-old Missouri native the number one model of 2012… and they should know! Click inside to learn more!

Fashionista has the story:

In 2009, Vogue fell for Karlie Kloss. Hard. She was the most featured model that year, not only in the US edition (in which she appeared almost twice as much as any other model), but also in the combined pages of all the international editions. In the two years following, she remained solidly in the top three, but it appears that wasn’t enough for the St. Louis native, as she has reclaimed the title of the number one model in Vogue for 2012.

It’s been an exciting year for Karlie, filled with all the successes and controversies (both in and out of the fashion world) befitting a model at the top of her game. There was Karlie’s Kookies, the MTV House of Style hosting gig, bonding with Olympians, abrupt agency swtiches, an insensitive turn on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, and the requisite photoshop controversy. It’s been a busy year to say the least.

Arizona Muse and Joan Smalls also made Vogue’s Top Ten Models of The Year list. You can check out the full list  at Fashionista.

PITNBR Donny! You called it!


  • Donny

    No surprise. She’s amazing! She may overtake Joan Smalls next year as the #1 model overall. I know that will be disappointing for you, Shannon. But they are good friends and there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. I’m also having a hard time picking my favorite photo shoot but it might be Vogue China December 2012. Love Karlie!

    Also glad you’re on the Kate Moss bandwagon. I took me a long time, too. It wasn’t until a few years ago (after the cocaine scandal) that I realized how great she is. I don’t think she’s stunningly beautiful but she is incredibly photogenic and knows how to make herself AND the clothes the focus in every shot.

    • Shannon

      Donny, yeah– I love that she’s buddies with Joan. I can totally handle those two ‘battling’ it out for the top spot, lol.

      Kate Moss just blew me away. If ever I didn’t ‘get’ modeling, I got it with her, and with Karlie’s work too. Good stuff!