Major Record Labels Stripped Of Over 2 Billion Fake YouTube Views


YouTube is an awesome place, filled with awesome things. But the whole ‘how many views’ thing can get kind of crazy, especially when view manipulation is afoot. YouTube just did a huge sweep, checking for phony views on certain accounts and they found over 2 billion (as in… BILLION) views were completely falsified. Click inside to learn which record labels YouTube called out.

Complex has the story:

Major record labels such as Universal, Sony/BMG, and RCA, were stripped by YouTube of over two billion views in the past month. Universal was hit the hardest, losing one billion views in the raid, and artists such as Michael JacksonChris BrownBeyonce, and Avril Lavigne were all stripped of over 100 million phony views, violating YouTube’s terms of service regarding view manipulation. In addition, videos from over 500 prominent channels were also stripped of views.

However, it seems as though artists associated with VEVO, which is owned by co-owned Sony, Universal, and Abu Dhabi Media, lost no views in the crackdown. According to YouTube statistical aggregator Socialblade, VEVO affiliated artists like EminemRihanna, and Justin Bieber, were all not guilty of having fake views. Interesting.

Now we’ll just have to see if Twitter starts cracking down on fake followers.


Sony’s YouTube channel not only lost views, but its entire channel currently has no videos. Awkward. And it’s awkward to think that, with soooo many fake views, it’s totally possible that these labels were actually hiring people to do their dirty YouTube deeds. Not cool, y’all!


  • miguel

    The music industry is no longer about THE MUSIC, I mean look at MTV – the “Music” is no longer in there.

    It’s all about people acting like damn fools, and that’s no different from labels. Major record labels just doesn’t seem to be the same as it was back in the day when they’d create huge pop stars.

  • nicole

    this actually mad e me laugh – mostly because beyonce was one of the people busted…i mean no one can be shocked that it was one of her pages that got caught. – now what does surprise me is that rihanna & JB (mostly jb) we’re a couple who DIDNT have fake views.

  • Ben@pr

    I read somewhere that you can also buy fake friends for FB.

  • Dezden


  • Domenico

    Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Beyonce, and Avril Lavigne were all stripped of over 100 million phony views, o my god italian youtuber is not very famous.