After running around town yesterday taking care of some errands, I settled in for an evening in front of the TV and then went out for dinner and drinks with some friends. I happened upon the movie Sixteen Candles and, well, I kinda got sucked into watching and thereby crushing on Jake Ryan all over again. It wasn’t hard to do. Afterward, I met up with Ollie and our friend Karen who is visiting LA from NYC and we supped and drank and got all caught up with one another.

I’ve gotten into the habit of movie-watching while I work and it has been a great way to catch up with movies I missed seeing in theaters as well as rewatch old faves. I mean, Sixteen Candles? Duh, it’s impossible not to watch that movie every time it airs on cable (the same goes for The Breakfast Club).

For dinner, I met up with the ladies (and then Caleb a little later) at Mas Malo in DTLA:

Great food, great drink, great company … it was really a nice night out. Today, Darion and I are going to see Django Unchained and then we’re heading to birthday party dinner for one of his friends. Nothing too exciting but hopefully it’ll be a fun day. Happy Sunday!!

  • susanna

    i read somewhere that he became a carpenter after he quit acting. that did NOT help abate my crush. siiiiiigh….

  • Whitney75

    This generation can have Edward Cullen, cause we all know we got Jake Ryan the best hunk of all time. :) Team Ryan

  • CherryCola

    sigh.. 1st celebrity crush.

  • Tru u

    He makes and owns a handcrafted furniture now.

  • Dot

    One of the best movies ever. I celebrated my sweet sixteen really long time ago (sigh!) but I still love watching this, plus I think Jake Ryan was (and probably still is) every girls crush ;-)

  • Lula

    Yes, Jake Ryan colored the relationship expectations of an entire generation of women….for better or for worse!