Best Of 2012: Here Are 12 Of The Most Life-Changing Indie Movies Of The Year!


What a year for movies, right??? Friggen The Hunger Games! Friggen Avengers! Friggen The Dark Knight Rises!  Friggen 2 Days In New York! Wait… you didn’t get a chance to see 2 Days In New York?!?! It’s okay, it’s okay! It was an indie flick, so– unlike TDKR– a lot of people missed it. But that’s why I’m here! Some of you may know that, while Pink Is The New Blog is my home [page], I also occasionally contribute film reviews to Paste Magazine. This means I get to watch a lot of indie movies, and gush about how much BETTER they were than all of the big blockbusters. LOL, except y’all know I’m totally not like that, and I love a big blockbuster as much as an indie flick. The Dark Knight Rises was, honestly, the best time of my life this year. But this one’s for the indies! So, as you patiently await Trent’s annual list of cinematic faves, click inside for a few of my own– indie style!

Okay, now it must be said that this list leaves out many, many good independent and foreign films that came out this year. There are so many movies that I heard great things about, but didn’t get to see yet. And I was sooo grateful to the genius kid who made that brilliant supercut of all the best movies of the year; I now know exactly what I need to catch up on.

So here are twelve independent (and/or foreign) films that changed my life and had me all rethinking the boundaries between the physical and emotional, the secular and spiritual, the political and– well okay! I’m going overboard, as I am wont to do.

No, but seriously. These movies changed my liiiiiiife!

12 Of The Most Amazing Independent Films Of 2012


12. Delicacy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Audrey Tautou is my homegirl. Actually, I’ve never said that before, but I’ve insinuated as much and now there needs be a T-shirt. I love this tiny French actress and I had such an amazing experience with this movie. First of all, I actually got to read the book (also called Delicacy) and as soon as I finished it, I put my screener DVD in and experienced the glory that was the perfect adaptation. The book was written by David Foenkinos and the movie was directed by his brother Stéphane. It was amazing. Tautou plays a young widow in mourning who becomes the object of a co-worker’s affection (she plays alongside Belgian comedian François Damiens, who was equally awesome). It was such a great comedy, and such a great romance, and such a great drama– only the French can mix genres like that, lol!

Okay, but the real reason this movie changed my life is because I got to meet Audrey Tautou in the FLESH! She was… um… perfect. Kinda like this movie. Definitely a must-see!

Watch Delicacy on Amazon Instant Video now!

Click over for more of the best indie films of the year!

  • KJ

    Thanks, Shannon! This list is exactly what I needed. It’s hard for me – who is a casual film watcher, blockbuster or otherwise – to find good indies.

    • Shannon

      KJ, you’re welcome! It was really fun putting this together. Got to relive all the moments, lol. Let me know if you get to see any of these, and what you think :)

  • Natalea

    Thanks for the list, Shannon! I’m so glad a few of these are on Netflix. I literally cannot wait until I see Rust and Bone!

    • Shannon

      Natalea, Netflix is awesome! And some of them are really cheap (like $3 or $4) on Amazon. I have to hear what you think of Rust and Bone! My sig other just bought the book for me; I’m so excited to relive the perfection :)

  • rayoflightCOADF

    I love this movie. I was so freaking stoked/happy to find it on Netflix! Its a great film and Chris Rock is so good.

    • Shannon

      rayoflightCOADF, yes! If ever I questioned my love for Chris Rock, this movie put all that to rest. He was great and the chemistry between him and Delpy was so on point. Glad you loved it too!

    • rayoflightCOADF

      How hysterical was the dad!? He killed me! Love this movie :) I can’t wait till you see 2 Days in Paris Shannon! :)

    • Shannon

      rayoflightCOADF, yes, The Dad was everything. I almost used that photo of him and Chris Rock in the sauna for the main pic of this post. Unforgettable!

      2 Days In Paris is on Netflix– I’m so there in a few!

    • Shannon

      UPDATE! I saw it! And while I didn’t love it as much as I did 2 Days In Paris, it was awesome. I loved learning the back story on Papa keying the cars, lmao! But yeah, Julie Delpy is brilliant.

    • rayoflightCOADF

      She is so brilliant. I agree I think 2 days in NY is a better film but Paris is great too. I love Papa and the keying of the cars and his general awesomeness. I want to marry him IMMEDIATELY :D. You’re so awesome Shannon. I thought I was the only one who loved TDKR and 2 Days in NY ;)

  • JCZ

    I don’t know if they’re considered ‘indie’ (yet definitely not mainstream) but my faves were; Perks of being a Wallflower & The Seven Psychopaths.

    Both were light-hearted, funny, dramatic & powerful and;
    Both had two terrific endings I will forever remember (possibly some of the best endings I’ve seen)

    • Shannon

      JCZ, those are def indie flicks and they’re two of the big ones I missed this year! But thanks for your mini-review– I’d been really wanting to see them (esp Seven Psychopaths) so I’m glad to hear you liked. I’m also very curious about these endings now. Thank you!

  • MItchel

    wow great list, I’m excited to work my way through… you seem to have really good taste! Thanks!

    • Shannon

      MItchel, oh! So glad you caught this. Hope you have fun working your way through these films :)

  • Rowan

    Id jut like to put is down to whoever provides love for Shannon from the movie industry..I just googled, got to this site, read the entire list and orders four of them on iTunes…so take this person out to dinner you cheap f@cks s/he’s making you money,

    • Shannon

      Rowan, I’m just now seeing this comment and cracking up! Alas, I don’t get a lot of love from the movie industry– certainly, no one tells me which movies to blog about. I do get the occasional free screener for work, and that’s good enough for me :)

  • Stephonjia Dedrian

    the randomers

  • Angel

    Excellent list. Thank you for introducing me to movies I hadn’t heard of.