This Is How Miranda Kerr Looks When She Goes Grocery Shopping


Supermodel Miranda Kerr is never one to disappoint. She had one of the sexiest photo shoots of the year/of all time, and she was one of my favorite fashionistas of 2012. The Victoria’s Secret beauty rolled up in West Hollywood Whole Foods the other day and all heeeelllll broke loose! First of all, she looked amazing. But that’s not really new information for us. The best part about these photos are the ones where you can see all the drama going down in the store. Paparazzo fighting store security so they can get their shot, mad people standing around like Who is she? LMAO. I love it! And shouts-out to the one security guard who got a full-on pic with Miranda! You made it to the blogs, dude! Congrats.

Photo Credit: Splash News/INF

  • Joan

    Damn. She brought excitement to so many lives that day…lol

  • rOXy

    She is like a daffodil peeking through the bleakness of the cold snow. Sure is a vision. I tried her carefree look last time I went to Wholefoods, and I was disappointed no one was getting knocked to the ground trying to take MY picture. What IS her secret? Good jeans?