Marriage Equality Comes To Maine As The First Same-Sex Couples Wed


Last month, for the first time in our nation’s history, marriage equality won in US states based on popular vote and at 12:00 AM this morning, the right for same-sex couples to marry went into law. Throngs of people filled the streets in front of city hall in Portland, Maine to celebrate the first same-sex marriages to take place in the State, extending further the freedom to marry in this country. It was a jubilant moment, as you can imagine. Click below to meet the newly married Steven Bridges and Michael Snell, the first same-sex couple to marry in Maine today and read more about last night’s celebrations. Woot!!

Arriving in a limo, Donna Galluzzo and Lisa Gorney had all the trappings of a traditional wedding: Rings, flowers, wedding vows, an entourage and a friend to officiate. With tears in their eyes, they were among the first gay couples to exchange wedding vows early Saturday morning after Maine’s same-sex marriage law went into effect at midnight. “We’re paving the way for people to go after us. I think it’s just amazing. It’s freeing. It’s what’s right,” an emotionally drained Gorney said after their ceremony in front of City Hall. After waiting years and seeing marriage rights nearly awarded and then retracted, gay couples in Maine’s largest city didn’t have to wait a moment longer than necessary to wed, with licenses issued at the stroke of midnight as the law went into effect. Steven Bridges and Michael Snell were the first in line, and they received cheers from more than 200 people waiting outside after they wed in the clerk’s office. “It’s historic. We’ve waited our entire lives for this,” said Bridges, a retail manager, who’s been in a relationship with the Snell, a massage therapist, for nine years. Bridges, 42, and Snell, 53, wore lavender and purple carnations on black T-shirts with the words “Love is love.”

Voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington state approved gay marriage in November, making them the first states to do so by popular vote. Gay marriage already was legal in New York, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and the District of Columbia, but those laws were either enacted by lawmakers or through court rulings. In Maine, Gov. Paul LePage signed off on the certified election results on Nov. 29, so the new law was to go into effect 30 days from that date. The law already is in effect in Washington state; Maryland’s takes effect on Tuesday, the first day of 2013 … In Portland, the mood was festive with the crowd cheering and horns sounding at midnight as Bridges and Snell began filling out paperwork in the clerk’s office in Portland City Hall. There were free carnation boutonnieres and cupcakes, and a jazz trio played. Outside, the raucous group that gathered in front of the building cheered Bridges and Snell as if they were rock stars and broke into the Beatles’ “All You Need is Love.” Fourteen couples received marriage licenses, and five of them married on the spot, a city spokeswoman said. Many of those who received their marriage license were middle-aged, and some said they never envisioned a day when gay couples could wed just like straight couples. “I came out years ago and the only thing we wanted was to not get beaten up,” said Steven Jones, 50, who married his partner, Jamous Lizotte, on his 35th birthday … Bridges and Snell already considered themselves married because they’d held a commitment ceremony attended by friends and family six years ago. Nonetheless, they thought it was important to make it official under state law, as Snell’s two daughters watched. Katie and Carolyn Snell, the daughters, said the ceremony made formal what they knew all along to be true about the couple. “It’s just a piece of paper,” said Katie Snell. “Their love has been there, their commitment has been there, all along. It’s the last step to make it a true official marriage because everything else has been there from the start.”

At last. Here is video of Mr. & Mr. Michael Snell and Steven Bridges on their special day as they became a happily married couple:

I mean … how can you not just want to celebrate the triumph of love like this. A woman outside the Portland city hall this morning carried a sign that read Love Makes Everyone Equal … and that’s the damn truth. Only when all citizens are afforded the same rights and privileges can our nation truly be called the Land of the Free. I send my heartiest congratulations and all my love to the people of Maine today. In just a few days, Maryland will get in on the marriage equality love … and, one more time, the United States of America gets pushed forward just a bit toward true and lasting equality and freedom.

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    I am from India. I have been following your blog since years and I want you to see something which has shaken my entire country.

    Our government has failed us, the judiciary has failed us, our police has failed us. A 23 year old girl got gang raped in a bus by 6 men while the bus kept circling a 31 km stretch in South Delhi; its tinted windows concealing the savagery within as it rolled unstopped through a series of police checkpoints. She was stripped, raped, beaten and thrown on the road after the heinous crime! After 13 days she scummed to her injuries and passed away.

    Our Prime Minister did not address the matter instantly and the major political leaders did not speak up! No justice has prevailed. And in India alot of people get away with crimes like rape and justice has barely prevailed in most of the cases over the years! Delhi is as unsafe as it was before. More rapes have taken place after this incident. I am in so much pain and anger…the enitre nation is. The people of India…the ‘Good’ People of India are actively protesting and peaceful marches are taking place throughout the country. But our ‘AMAZING’ government has NOT done anything!

    When I read articles like this one I feel happy that your government listens to the people and ultimately provides justice! I ENVY you all! India could reach heights if it did not have ‘money eating’ ‘uneducated’ ‘crass’ politicians! I am afraid to bring up my children in this environment in the future!

    I pray that no woman would ever have to experience anything like this. And women MUST be respected in every way possible!

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