Kate Middleton’s Nose Is A Huge Deal For Plastic Surgery Patients In The UK


While Kate Middleton’s pregnancy (and forthcoming maternity fashion) is a huge deal over here in the States, her nose is getting all of the attention in the UK. A little while back we covered a really interesting/somewhat disturbing story about the human Ken doll, and we got into a great discussion about plastic surgery (hi PITNBR Rachel!) and all of its psychological implications. Well, folks over in the UK have apparently been flocking to the surgeon’s office to get themselves a royal nose all their own. I guess that’s not so weird, considering what we’ve seen over the years, lol. Click inside to learn more!

Fashionista has the story:

The Kate Middleton Effect has spread to surgeon’s tables. No, the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t gotten plastic surgery (that we know of), but her face is evidently a point of reference in plastic surgery offices all over the UK.

In fact, Middleton’s nose is the most-requested plastic surgery procedure in the country, reports the Daily Mail.

Sure, we knew people wanted to look like her–buying clothes and shoes she favors and maybe even getting similar haircuts, but who knew her selling power would actually inspire people to change their face?

A spokesman from the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, who released the study, told the Daily Mail that they’ve seen a huge rise in requests to resemble celebrities and that “People are choosing celebrities who are sophisticated and naturally beautiful.”

The Duchess certainly fits those parameters. While going under the knife is a little (a lot?) extreme, we get why people would want her elegant, approachable good looks. She is the UK’s “most naturally beautiful woman” after all.

Other oft-requested celebrity facial features in plastic surgery offices include Cheryl Cole’s cheeks, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s eyes, and Robert Pattinson’s jawline.

OMG. LMAO at ‘Cheryl Cole’s cheeks, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s eyes, and Robert Pattinson’s jawline.’ The world is so out of control sometimes; I love it/money really can get you whatever you want! I swear y’all. If I ever walk into a plastic surgeon’s office and ask for Kerry Washington’s lips, just start the intervention right then and there (’cause you’ll all be there, somehow).

I mean, I love these gorgeous celebs as much as the next person, but damn! What do y’all think? If someone gave you a gift certificate to a plastic surgery spot (do they make gift certificates? probably…) would you ask for Kate Middleton’s nose? Man. That Ish Cray!

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  • rOXy

    The problem with buying Kate’s nose is you have to have the rest of Kate’s face to stick it on for it to look right. I’d like to see the after shots of some of these surgeries!