Kanye West Wears A Crystal-Studded Mask As Only Kanye West Can Do


Kanye West, that ever-fashionable fashionista of rap, performed at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ last night and delivered by all accounts a pretty fantastic performance. But it was his costume choices that have people talking today, rather than his musical stylings. The theme of the night’s performance was white … and at one point, Kanye made it “snow” inside the venue during the show. The talk of the day, tho, is over the headwear that Kanye wore. First, he wore a crystal-studded Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture Mask and then a mask described as “an albino Teen Wolf or Abominable Snowman” mask … cuz, hey, Kanye can. Check out photos and video below.

Yeah, I’ll bet that Lady Gaga is kicking herself/firing someone for letting Kanye rock this look on stage before she got the chance to. I’m not sure which look I like better, the crystal mask or the feathered mask:

HMMM … which one do you prefer? While you mull that over, here are a couple videos from Kanye’s performance last night. You can see the man in action rocking both looks … but turn down your speakers, the bass is kinda bangin’ in both vids:

Diamonds (Remix):


As silly as all of this may seem, I can’t help but give the man props for his bold fashion choices. I’m very impressed with Kanye’s ability to keep his image fresh and cutting edge … even if it looks like goes a little too far sometimes. Unlike some other artists who only wear wacky things all the time, I like that Kanye uses his fashion prowess semi-sporadically. Now I can’t wait to see what he will wear next.

So what do y’all think … these masks? Yay or Nay?

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  • nicole

    if this was anyone else, i’d be thinking wtf? but with Kanye, it just seems right & normal.
    i kinda dig the crystal mask, i like shiny/sparkly things.

  • schmee

    I suppose protective headgear is important when you’re jumping the shark…

    • @schmee — A+

    • jc

      Or humping the whale

  • Bob

    A GAG would be a better choice than a mask

  • Sam

    Oh Ye, this is definitely A NAY!!!

  • Carma

    He looks like Chewbacca with the feather mask.

  • david

    the scam of scams he probaly wasn’t even there.

  • Daniel

    iluminati people.. wacke up everything is done for a reason, JEHOVAH all mighty keep him in your hart and thoughts..

  • jj

    Identity Crisis, I say yes.

  • rOXy

    I just really can’t get on board with this. You pay money to see an artist, and then you are presented with a masked version? It’s just too weird and if that thing was projected on the jumbotron I’d probably break my ankles making a fast exit.