Happiness Is Hooligans


Last night I made my way down to Anaheim, CA to see the Smiths/Morrissey coverband Sweet and Tender Hooligans perform their annual show at the House of Blues and, surprisingly, I had a pretty good time. As I’ve hinted thruout the week, I haven’t been doing so well lately but I was intent on going to this show because, even in an upset state, I knew the music of The Smiths and Morrissey would “cheer me up”. The venue was PACKED full of other boisterous fans and, well, I couldn’t help but smile one or twice.

I’ve seen Sweet and Tender Hooligans a few times and I have never been disappointed. The band always sounds so great, they put on such a great show … and a setlist made up of the best Smiths/Morrissey songs is always a good time. There is something really fun about being in a room full of people who love the same music as you do. Everyone singing along, swaying to the music … it’s magic. It’s exactly why I love going to live concerts all the time. Music has a healing quality … but it also has the ability to cut you just as sharply as a knife … that is why it’s such an important part of life. I had a good time last night, for which I am very grateful.

It is cold and rainy and kind of miserable here in LA today … but I need to get out of the house to run some errands. I think I’d rather get it out of the way sooner rather than later and just get it over with. I hope it’s warm, sunny or at the very least happy where you are today. The last hours of 2012 are ticking away … Happy Last Saturday of the Year :)

  • rOXy

    At least the smiles are beginning to trickle back. That is a good sign. I know when I’m miserably sad, I hold onto my sadness like a trophy because it connects me to whatever it is I’m just not ready to let go of. But you were in the D’hood and that’s the happiest place I know. Have you been to Disneyland lately? Wanna go? Meet ya at the gate!