Watch: The First 4 Minutes Of ‘Warm Bodies’ Hits The Internets


Former Skins star Nicholas Hoult will play a super sexy, horribly romantic and entirely dead zombie in the world’s first ever Zom-Rom-Com film titled Warm Bodies opening in theaters in February. Because Zombies are really hot right now, the time is PERFECT for a film to go after the dwindling Twilight market, right? Click above to watch the first 4 minutes of Warm Bodies to get a feel for what’s in store. I think the movie looks fun … and dead or not, I’d pretty much watch Nicholas Hoult in anything so … enjoy!

  • Sandy!

    Gah! I CAN’T wait!!!
    Saw the preview for this when I saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 and I just knew I had to see this movie.

  • LJ

    This film looks awesome but I am definitely more excited for the City of Bones adaption coming out in August!

  • Sam


  • Joan

    Oh, really, this book is awesome. The story is extremely clever and witty, but it also has a lot of heart. When I read the book, it surprised me how much it touch me. So, no one should take this as just another silly movie. DON’T DISMISS IT. You are bound to be as surprised as I was. I’m incredibly excited for it! From the author of the book, to the cast and director…there’s just a great set of people behind it.

  • BAlito

    Worst movie ever… :/