Watch: Ester Dean Debuts Her 90s-Inspired Video For ‘Baby Making Love’


Aghhhh!!!!!!!!! So last night the love of my life was all like, What’s that Ester Dean song you like? And I was all like, Ummm, Baby Making Love. And then HE was all like, Wanna see the video? Aghhhhh!!! OMG. Yes! So, y’all may remember that back in June we heard a new track (Baby Making Love) from Ester Dean, who’s best known for writing hit songs for artists like Rihanna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and pretty much everyone, everywhere. We all lurved the track and we’ve heard a couple of other songs from her since (including a feature on that MGK track, Invincible). Then she showed up in Pitch Perfect, and I’ve been waiting like crazy for a video to drop! Love her voice! Love her style! And I’m sooo loving that she took the very 90s sound of Baby Making Love and made a very 90s styled  video. Peep the video above! Do you love it?! Are you hella nostalgic right now? Do you feel like making a baby? LMAO! Yeah, no. I do. Love this song!!!


  • Diana

    And she’s repping Da Bulls!

    • Shannon

      Diana, it’s been a minute since I’ve seen one of those jerseys– she was definitely rockin it!

  • Diana

    reppin’ … clearly I shouldn’t be using this word. Lol.