Sofia Vergara Shares A Swimsuit Photo Of Epic Proportions


In case you needed some morning workout inspiration… enter Sofia Vergara. The Modern Family actress took to her Whosay account to share a picture of what MY body would totally look like if I actually did my crunches, and ate salads, and then grew a pair of boobs/kept my pregnancy boobs year-round. Anyway, she looks amazing! Checkie out inside!

In case you were curious about what Sofia Vergara’s been up to this holiday season:

E! has the story:

It’s obvious Sofia Vergara looks amazing, but please try not to drool (it’s not a good look).

The Columbian [sic] actress added some heat to the winter season when she posted this photo of herself soaking in the sun in Miami while rocking a sexy, black and white cutout bathing suit on her WhoSay page.

“Holyday,” she wrote.

Ain’t that the truth.

Along with showing off that she didn’t gain any holiday weight (unfair), the 40-year-old Modern Family star spent her vacation in Miami with family and loved ones to celebrate her mother’s birthday.

“My mom celebrating her birthday with my aunt gloria and friends in miami,” she tweetedwith a photo.

Sooo yeah. Congrats Sofia! May the gods continue to play favorites, lol. No, but seriously. How ridiculously amazing does she look? I can’t even tell where her body ends and where the swimsuit material begins. Nice!



  • Dach

    SMH………..*sigh*. I think I will need to go on and print this pic out and put it on my wish board for 2013. I need a little extra incentive to get up at 5:30 and get my workouts in. I aint even mad Sofia.

  • Diana

    As a Colombian, I’m loving all of this “Colombianism” on the blog right now… keep it coming! :)

  • Karen

    Yeah. Her body is amazing.

  • miguel

    I just ate a huge sandwich…after seeing this pic, I want to go make myself throw up and get on a treadmill until my body finds a way to morph into SOMETHING close….