Movie Review: ‘This Is 40′


After a fairly rough morning and early afternoon, my dear friend and life saver Emma came over to my place to hang out for a bit and then get me out of the house. Without going into any gory details, I’ll just say that the day was saved because Emma came to my rescue. We grabbed a bite to eat and lots to drink at The Churchill and then kinda gorged ourselves at Magnolia Bakery. Sometimes, the day calls for cheesecake. Last night, we decided to go to the movies and we settled on seeing This Is 40. Honestly, I’ve been hearing mixed things about the film but it looked to us like a movie that we would both enjoy … and happily, we did.

This Is 40 is a film that turns out exactly the way you think it will. If you have any experience with Judd Apatow’s brand of humor, you already know that this film — which focuses on the day to day “reality” of being 40 and married — will feature uncomfortable jokes that will probably make you laugh, even tho you think you prolly shouldn’t laugh. This Is 40 attempts to be as “real” as it can be in as humorous a way possible. Altho many of the jokes are expected, I found myself laughing more times than I care to admit. The movie also made me seriously rethink having children … like, seriously. Whether being a parent is a joy or a torment, it is without question one of the hardest jobs that we humans will ever go thru. We’re all getting older and our lives and relationships change over time … and sometimes, all you can do is hold on and laugh. If you’re not an Apatow fan, I can see how this film might not appeal to you. I’m not the biggest fan of Apatow’s brand of obvious humor but I have to admit, it’s funny sometimes. This Is 40 is a fun movie to see if you’re up for a mindless, popcorn film. Instead of being action-packed, it’s a fairly humorous film that will likely prove pretty entertaining.

Tonight, I’m heading down to Anaheim to see Sweet and Tender Hooligans at the House of Blues. Interesting enough, I first saw this amazing Smiths coverband live in concert almost exactly one year ago at the very same venue. I had a great time last year, I’m hoping to have a great time this year too. Happy Friday.

  • Shannon

    Ha! Glad you liked it Trent. I saw it the other day and, as an Apatow-head, I was def one of those people who lamented over the fact that it wasn’t as funny as ‘Knocked Up’ (IMO). But it was still fun. I didn’t start really, really laughing out loud until that scene with Melissa McCarthy in the principal’s office. THAT was classic :)

    And honestly? One thing that turned me off was how BAD those kids were! I’m sorry, but I was cringing hearing big girl Apatow cuss her parents out like that… so in case you still wanna have kids, I just want you to know that it ain’t like that in every household, lol! I wish my kid would call me a bitch… lmao!

    Love you Trent!

  • Jstar

    Hang in there Trent…lean on your friends in the tough times…no shame in asking for help!

  • Zanne

    I haven’t seen the movie yet so I can’t speak specifically to why the kids in the movie would make you not want to have children but if it’s b/c of the behavior issues that Shannon mentioned, that can be avoided w/ good, consistent parenting! :) However, if your aversion has anything to do w/ kids getting into everything and breaking all of your stuff, yeah, that’s pretty much unavoidable! ;) I am both a mom and a step-mom and I can say that choosing to take on those roles has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done but it has also taken a lot of sacrifice. I wouldn’t trade my kids for anything but… I am looking forward to a time when they’re a little more self-sufficient. :)

  • Claire

    Haha I agree. My husband is in his mid 30s and I’m about to hit 30 and we are NOT having kids! People think it’s strange but our mind is made up. We really enjoyed the movie as well but I found that (as with his other one with Adam Sandler…the name fails me… Funny People?) it was very looooooong. The middle part seemed to drag on and on and on. I enjoyed it though.

    • rayoflightCOADF

      It is so refreshing to read about someone else not wanting kids. I feel like a freak because my husband and I do not want children and we are kind of vilified for it. I’m sure this movie will just cement yet again why I do not want children and how glad I am that I’m with someone who doesn’t want them as well.

  • Ben@pr

    I liked more this movie than Knock-Up. I laughed a lot more and the chemistry between Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann is phenomenal.