Justin Bieber Is Now A Baby Sitter


So, I may like to give tween popstar Justin Bieber a lot of grief for being an 18 year old kid with access to MASSIVE amounts of money but sometimes, just sometimes, he manages to do something that’s so cute that it’s almost pretty cool. At the LA Clippers basketball game at the Staples Center last night, Bieber played babysitter to the 3 year old son of Clippers player Chris Paul. The Biebs and little Christopher Emmanuel were seated courtside during the game and JB was tasked with keeping an eye on the little dude. Yes, the scene was as cute as you might imagine.

He was spending the evening cheering on the Los Angeles Clippers as they took on the Boston Celtics on Thursday night. And Justin Bieber seemed to have made a new pal in the form of Christopher Emmanuel Paul II, the adorable three-year-old son of basketball star Chris Paul. The 18-year-old singer appeared to have made the tot’s week as they cuddled up courtside at the Staples Centre while watching the team in action. Little Chris chatted away happily as he sat on the knee of the teen idol, who seemed to be enjoying his new company thoroughly. The new chums were even dressed similarly, with both the Boyfriend hitmaker and the youngster both wearing checked shirts, dark jeans and trainers as they turned out to the game. After the match, Justin tweeted to Chris Paul: ‘yo @CP3 your kid is the man!! haha. u killed ‘em tonight. good seeing u.’ And it would seem the teen singing sensation had won over the heart of the little one, who had been gushing to his sports star father about his new celebrity friend. Chris replied to Justin: ‘You have NO clue the smile that you put on lil Chris face 2nite…really appreciate you man!! He does not know what to do lol. ‘The first thing he said to me after the game was not good game Daddy…it was “Daddy I saw Justin Beiber, he’s my friend” haaa. Made his day!!! Can’t tell him nothin lol. (sic).’ The Los Angeles Clippers scored a 106-77 win over their East Coast rivals, and Justin seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Blah! I really hate to admit it but, yeah, these photos are really cute. Little Christopher is just adorable. Seeing him in the care of JB is kinda precious. While I’m not entirely sure that Justin should be trusted with the full care of a 3 year old child completely on his own, it’s nice to see that he has the mature ability to watch over a little kid in an arena filled with thousands of other people … hey, that’s something, right? Well done, Biebs. Good job.