Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Ample Assets


Earlier this week we learned the happy news officially that Jessica Simpson is pregnant again for the second time! This news was further confirmed in her first (and possibly last) TV commercial for Weight Watchers, released just this week. Now that the secret is out, Jess is reveling in the fact that the whole world is now sharing in her happiness. Since Jessica announced her news, she has been happily sharing personal photos of herself and family as they holiday in Hawaii this week. Just yesterday, she shared a somewhat revealing photo of her changing body. With pregnancy comes mammary enhancement, a fact that Jess seems all to happy to share :)

Fun in the sun…

And here we go … Jessica Simpson’s Bump Watch is officially underway. Yes, the particular bump on display in this photo is not of the stomach variety but there is plenty of time for the world to enjoy Jessica’s various bumps in the coming months. As you may recall, Jess showed off some luscious body when she was pregnant the first time (just last year) so it looks like she’s gonna be showing off again … I mean, with ample assets like this, how can she not show them off ;) She looks happy, tho, and that is all that matters. Let the Bump Watch commence!


  • Brent

    Wow that’s quite a big..umm…bump. I’m sorry but the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic was when I read Carrie and her mother was telling her to cover up her dirty pillows LOL.

  • aeb

    if she’s still nursing, i would attribute that to her chest size. not currently being pregs.

  • Serena

    That’s great that they are expecting again. But it’s too bad no one told her to adjust herself accordingly for the picture. She’s is sooo pretty and i really like her, it just would have been a wee bit classier if she had adjusted her top. But again, that’s classic JS, and that’s why we all heart her!!

  • Lacey

    Those look painful, not something that I would want to deal with at all.

  • JennT

    I LOVE her face in this pic, she looks so much better without all the makeup she usually wears!

  • Ama
  • Cupcake

    she’s wearing a bathing suit top – not a big deal ppl!

    • @Cupcake — I don’t think peeps are freakin’ out about the top, it’s what’s spilling out generously from the top ;)